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China's leading filter element manufacturer

● Founded in 1995 in the town of China's wire mesh, Anping County, Hebei Province.

● Zhehan® is a manufacturer integrating production, R&D, sales, and after-sales. At present, it has fixed assets of 25 million US dollars and more than 380 professional employees. Has three filter production workshops, a grinding tool casting workshop, two welding workshops, a cleaning workshop, a solid-liquid separator manufacturing workshop, and there is much independent research and development production equipment, the efficiency is far ahead of the market.

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● Product structure.
 Production of various types of metal filter element products, the main products include:
  1.Wedge wire screen product series.
 2.Pleated filter element series.
 3.Sintered filter element series.
 4.Filter basket series.
 5.Dissolution sinker, dissolution basket.
 6.Solid-liquid separator.
 7.Filter disc series.

● Service
 Custom service:
 The technical team provides you with professional customized services and solutions.
 After sales service:
 7 day 24 hours
 1. We have a professional after-sales service specialist for each customer, and your questions will be answered in the first time.
 2. Product quality problems, Change the goods for the first time.



1. Cost-effective price

Our company is located in the origin of metal filter raw materials and has advanced high-automatic production equipment, make our products on a high-quality basis, with a cost-effective price.

2. Rich in products

Can meet all customer needs.

3.Customized service

We have experienced researchers in the industry and can provide professional customized services to our customers.

4.Provide technical support

For the use, maintenance and maintenance of the product, Zhehan® filter provides professional technical support.

5.Cleaning process

Our last process is cleaning, unlike surface acid cleaning, through our own research and development process, not only can the exterior be bright, more importantly, it has increased the corrosion resistance by 40%, extend the life of the product.

6.Small product error

We completed a comprehensive upgrade of our production equipment in 2014. Product error control is far ahead of peers.

7.Product development

We have an experienced research team and has established long-term cooperative relationships with a number of universities and local research institutions. Product development and upgrade in the field of environmental protection.

8.Fast shipments

We have 3 automated filter element production workshops and 1 solid-liquid separator production workshop. The second plant will be put into production immediately, and the customer's needs can be completed quickly and with high quality.

Zhehan Filter Element Development History

Craftsmanship Spirit

Zhehan® Filter has been established for more than 20 years, from a small workshop to the present two modern factories, From a single variety of filter element products to a Chinese manufacturer that has the most complete varieties of metal filter elements, the most advanced production equipment, and the most powerful technical force. This all depends on the company's employees' pursuit of craftsmanship spirit.

Craftsmanship spirit is perseverance, carefulness, and open-minded.


Persevere, Zhehan® Filters is committed to the production, research, and development of metal filter element,  contributing to environmental protection. Through over 20 years of production and sales experience, we have accumulated a great deal of technical experience and solutions to various problems. We will stick to it, branding is our goal, In the future, we will provide more customers with high-quality services.


Subtleties highlight extraordinary quality, excellence, continuous improvement. Product quality, efficiency, and longevity are often determined by the details, we have experienced production team, for every process excellence. Filter element products must go through more than 10 production and quality inspection processes, every stage has professional quality inspection personnel to conduct inspections. Guarantee that you receive the perfect quality of goods. Craftsmanship spirit is the pursuit of detail and the persistence of quality.


To be honest, instead of proud, the upgrading of products and the research and development of new products all require constant learning. rethink yourself every day. The growth of an enterprise is the process of accumulation of knowledge and expansion into the field of production.

The pursuit of craftsmanship spirit has made our products recognized by customers around the world.craftsmanship spirit is the persistence of the beginning of the heart, as China's best metal filter element, to achieve the goal of branding.

The filter element we produce is not only an ordinary product, it is also a craft!

Zhehan Filter Element Development History

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