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Porous metal filter

Oct. 05, 2018

Technical parameter­­­­­

Porous metal filter

Product: Porous metal filter

Material: SS 304, 316, bronze, titanium

Filtration accuracy: 1 – 200 microns

Maximum temperature: 800

Holding Capacity≥16.9~41Mgcm2


The porous metal filter has excellent performance in gas, liquid, and solid separation. Compared with other types of the filter cartridge, it has excellent performance for small particle capture.

Porous metal filter advantage


1      Excellent mechanical properties

2      High strength

3      Deep filtration, ability to capture fine particles (the minimum can reach up to 1 micron)

4      High-temperature resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance

5      Long service life

It is the most widely used in water treatment and as long as it is used.

Is there no shortcoming? The answer is yes, it also has some inherent disadvantages.




1      Backwash capacity

The characteristics of deep filtration make it excellent in capturing small particles. But everything has its opposite, compared with stainless steel mesh filter element and wedge wire filter element, it has no excellent backwash capability.

2      Particle shedding

This is a very difficult disadvantage for avoiding. If your supplier tells you his product won't peel off, you're likely to get cheated.


Porous metal filter disc


Material: Stainless steel, bronze

Filtration accuracy: 1 – 90 microns


1      Solid-gas separator

2      Oil filtration

3      Gas-oil separator

4      Gas-liquid separator

5      Uffler, silencer

6      High temperature gas


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