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Provide custom services for wedge wire screen filter elements for global self-cleaning filter manufacturers

Feb. 20, 2024

Provide custom services for wedge wire screen filter elements for global self-cleaning filter manufacturers

Working Principle


The backwashing filter uses a wedge wire screen filter element to remove residual suspended impurities in water or emulsion.


The backwashing filter mainly uses a stainless steel wedge wire screen filter element to physically filter impurities in the water to meet water quality requirements.

The water flow enters the filter through the water inlet joint, and then branches to two stainless steel steering ball valves. It enters the filter chamber through the stainless steel ball valve. After being filtered by the wedge wire screen filter element, it flows to the water outlet joint and flows out of the filter.


As the working time increases, the trapped matter filtered by the wedge wire screen filter element gradually increases, causing the pressure difference between the front and rear of the filter to increase until it becomes clogged. When the normal operation of the filter is affected by retaining excessive mechanical impurities, it can be cleaned by backwashing. Close one steering ball valve, open the other normally, and use reverse water inflow to peel off the trapped matter adhered to the surface of the filter element and be taken away by the backwash flow, which is beneficial to removing sediments, suspended solids, etc. in the filter layer. And prevent the filter material from hardening, so that it can fully restore its ability to intercept dirt, thereby achieving the purpose of cleaning. The backwash cycle is generally one to four days, depending on the turbidity of the raw water.

Daily management and Precautions


1. After the system is shut down for a long time, when it is restarted, the filter material should be washed for about 5-30 minutes until the water is clear.

2. When backwashing the equipment, the backwash intensity should be controlled to prevent the filter element from being destroyed.

3. Strengthen inspections of equipment so that problems can be discovered and resolved in a timely manner. Routine inspection items

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