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Replacement of automobile filter element

Oct. 08, 2019

Replacement of automobile filter element

Step 1: Find the location of the air conditioning filter

Nowadays, air-conditioning filters are installed in most models, and most of them are located behind the storage box in front of the co-driver. Yes, if you want to change the air conditioning filter element by yourself, you first need to know how to remove the storage box. Little horse has a suggestion that you usually go to 4S shop to do maintenance. There are a lot of eyes to the workshop to ask the maintenance master about the location of the air conditioning filter element, and if it is properly disassembled. It's not worth the first time to pay 4S store to replace the air conditioning filter element for you. You secretly remember the steps beside it, so as to lay the foundation for your own work in the future.

Changing the air conditioning filter requires only one cross cone.

Step 2: Remove the storage tank correctly

Find the screw fixed to the central console around the storage box and unscrew it one by one. Little horse elder brother says more, must develop the good habit of putting the screws down in one place. If it is not appropriate for the last time to go back to loading, it is found that a single screw is not lost.

Of course, if there is an additional screw, it is also a terrible thing. When making sure all the screws are screwed down, when disassembling the storage box as a whole, we must do our best to disassemble it slowly and vigorously. We can not use brute force to pull it hard, which can easily cause hard injury. Originally, you can save 100 yuan for changing the air conditioning filter element. If you break the storage box, you will lose more.

Step 3: Find the air conditioning filter

When you remove the storage box, you should not scratch your head for the confusion in front of you. Generally, the filter element of air conditioning is located on the lower left side. When you find it, you should also take it out gently.

If it is replaced directly, the new air-conditioning filter element should be loaded back according to the prescription. Note that we must buy regular air-conditioning filters from regular channels. Regular filters will have a factory date. Those fake air-conditioning filters not only play the role of filtering air, but also often block the ventilation duct, resulting in a reduction in ventilation.

Step 4: Clean air conditioning filter

If your air conditioning filter is not particularly dirty, it can be cleaned up and used again.

Conditional use of high-pressure air gun from the opposite side (that is, not too dirty side) blow. Unconditional can click on the ground, the lung capacity can be blown by mouth, can also achieve the purpose of cleaning.

Step 5: install it firmly

Whether it is new or old, the lower part of the filter must be buckled into the slot to ensure that in future use, there will be no abnormal sound of air conditioning.

After the installation is ensured, the vehicle can be started and the air conditioning can be turned on to test whether there is any abnormal situation.

Step 6: Ending is also critical

At this stage of work, the work is almost finished, and the final conclusion is also crucial. If the storage tank is not installed in place, it can also cause the vehicle abnormal noise and other later problems.

Installation of storage boxes and removal of the same will make ingenuity, can not be brutally dry, in order to ensure that the installation is in place to tighten the screw one by one, pay attention to the screw as long as the appropriate force, do not make the milk of the screw. In fact, when most of the automobile's screw and nut are tightened, there is a prescribed torsion, strictly speaking, it is necessary to use a dedicated torsion wrench. The most extreme example is that when the nuts are tightened on the tire, the whole person can not rest assured that they are standing on the wrench and stepping down. This will easily damage the bolts or nuts, reduce the service life, and replace the heavy ones.


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