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Stainless Steel Filter Cartridge

Oct. 01, 2018

Why choose stainless steel filter cartridge?

Stainless Steel Filter CartridgeWe often encounter problems when choosing the filter material. Stainless steel? Fabric? synthetic fiber? Paper?
If you ask me, I will give you a positive answer: stainless steel. The filtration industry has come to the era of stainless steel, and I will describe its advantages in several ways.

1.     Strength
Undisputed, compared with other materials, stainless steel has the best performance in withstanding pressure.
Stainless steel is the best choice if you filter impurities under high-pressure conditions.

2.     Easy to clean
This is the unique advantage of stainless steel, can be backwashed and reused.
3.     Filtration area
Stainless steel pleated filter cartridge, Pleated filter layer. Compared with filter elements of other materials, it has the largest filter area
4.     High-temperature resistance and corrosion resistance
5.     Not easy to clog (wedge wire screen filter)

Of course, stainless steel also has its disadvantages.
High price
Stainless steel is the most expensive material in all filter cartridges.
However, because it can be used repeatedly, reducing the cost of replacement, it is very cost-effective. 
Types of stainless steel filter cartridge

1      Pleated filter
2      Sintered filter
3      Wedge wire filter
How to choose? I need a filter element with a large filter area – pleated filter
I need a filter with high filtration accuracy, use in the high-temperature environment – sintered filter
The use environment is very bad, need a filter element that should not be blocked - No doubt choose wedge wire filter 

Re-purchase considerations

1.      Equipment

I can say responsibly that 90% of the stainless steel filter cartridge is now trading companies. There are many obstacles if you cooperate for a long time.
So we have to find a real manufacturer.

2.      Test sample
3.      After sales service
As important as product quality. Need to be reflected in the contract,
Including quality problem handling solutions, technical support, etc. 

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