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Basket strainerBasket strainerBasket strainerBasket strainer

Basket strainer

Housing material: SUS304/316/316L

Filtration accuracy: 1-1000um (micron) filtration accuracy

Working pressure: 0.25-10Mpa

Structure: housing and filter basket

Size: DN40--DN1000, support custom service



Basket strainer's Inner and outside surface is all mirror polished ensures that the material liquid contact surface Ra reaches 0.6pm up to the sanitary grade requirement

Filter housing can use Eyebolt connection or quick-open connection, which is convenient for operation. Also it is a economical and practical design.

Scope of


Widely used in pharmaceutical, petroleum, chemical fiber, food and beverage, mining screening, metallurgy,

new energy battery manufacturing and other industries and fields.

Has the advantages of compact structure, large filtration flow, small pressure loss, convenient maintenance, low price and so on.

Basket strainer can remove solid particles from liquid, and its solid impurity particles are inspected in the filter basket. Clean liquid flows out through the filter basket. When cleaning is needed, Basket strainertake out the filter basket and reload it after cleaning. It is convenient to use and maintain.

The basket filter produced by our company has been improved. It has larger filtering area in compact structure.

Equipment material selection SS304, 316L, carbon steel and other materials. Flexible selection can be made according to different materials.

Import and export can use high-in low-out, level-in and level-out, up-in and down and other ways.

The model size as below:

Basket strainer

SizeDesign pressure (Mpa)Flange sizeLength (L:mm)Height (H:mm)Housing (mm)
401-1/20.25-10According to national standard or customized300350180180OD: 108
502300350180180OD: 108
652-1/2400450250250OD: 159
803420500250250OD: 194
1004520600265265OD: 219
1255660700400400OD: 273
1506720850450540ID: 350
2008800900540650ID: 400
2501010001100650700ID: 500
3001210001300750800ID: 600
3501412001400850900ID: 700
40016130016009001000ID: 800
450181400180010001050ID: 900
500201500200010001100ID: 1000
600241900210012001300ID: 1200
700282100--------1400--------ID: 1400
800322300--------1500--------ID: 1600
900362500--------1600--------ID: 1800
1000402700--------1700--------ID: 2000

Basket strainer

SizeDesign pressure (Mpa) Flange sizeLength (L:mm)Height (H1:mm)Height (H2:mm)Housing (mm)
401-1/20.25-10According to national standard or customized300350300300180180OD: 108
502300350300300180180OD: 108
652-1/2400450400400250250OD: 159
803450500430430250250OD: 194
1004500600460460265265OD: 219
1255660700610610400400OD: 273
1506720850660750450540ID: 350
2008800900800950540650ID: 400
250101000110010001050650700ID: 500
300121200130011001200750800ID: 600
350141300140012001300850900ID: 700
4001614001600140015009001000ID: 800
45018150018001500160010001050ID: 900
50020180020001600170010001100ID: 1000
60024190021001800195012001300ID: 1200
700282100--------2200--------1400--------ID: 1400
800322300--------2400--------1500--------ID: 1600
900362500--------2600--------1600--------ID: 1800
1000402700--------2800--------1900--------ID: 2000

How many kinds of the basket strainer?

Basket strainer

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