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  • Candle Filter Element
  • Candle Filter Element
  • Candle Filter Element
Candle Filter ElementCandle Filter ElementCandle Filter ElementCandle Filter Element

Candle Filter Element

Product: Candle filter

Material:Stainless steel 304,316,316L

OD: Standard  Length: Standard  Weight: Standard

Filtration accuracy: 10 microns to 150 microns

The most common filter accuracy:20um,40um,60um

Filter direction: Outside to Inside

working medium: lubricant and hydraulic oil


candle filter uses:Marine diesel system 



Candle filter element is mainly used in the diesel system. What are its characteristics? How to choose the right product? How to distinguish the quality? what is our advantage? You will get the answer from the article below.

Scope of



Candle Filter

Candle filter is our main product, its mainly used to filter particulate contaminants, filtration of solid and colloidal solids in working medium, filtration for diesel systems, it is an important part of the ship's filter. Material selection, manufacturing process, and seal must be strictly regulated. We have many years of experience in the production and sales of candle filter. stainless steel candle filter elementIts named candle filter element because it is shaped like a single candle, it is made of stainless steel wire mesh, the products we produce are mainly composed of four parts.:

1. Wedge wire screen(support body)

2. Stainless steel wire mesh(filter layer)

3. Nut

4. Cap


As the filtration progresses, the cake layer is continuously thickened and the filtration resistance is continuously increased. When the set pressure difference is reached, the filter element needs to be backwash. First close the liquid inlet and outlet, and introduce compressed gas into the tank. Filter out the residual liquid in the filter tank. When backwashing, a compressed gas inflating filter cloth is introduced at the outlet of the filter, make the impurities in the intercepted filter cake and filter cloth gap are removed, discharged from the lower discharge port.

Our advantage

1. High quality. High Cost Performance.

2. High strength, corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, No material falling off.

3. The filtering area is large and the flow rate is large.

4.  Small pressure loss.

5. Can be cleaned, used repeatedly, long service life

6. Simple installation and disassembly.

7. The support body of the candle filter element is the wedge wire screen, we are the largest supplier of it in the North, so we have a cost-effective price.

candle filter element

Some steel filter candle models we can produce (OEM No)

1340125  134009  1340100  1340079  1340098  1360014   1450033 1340043  1340442  1450025  1450600  1450023 1442723  7608089

7670117  7605706   1112387  550001


What services can you provide?

1. Pre-sale service

Provide filter candles online consultation

Standard specification products: Provide you with cost-effective price

Customized product:After getting your candle filter drawings or samples, we provide candle filter design, fastest speed production sample and send you confirmation quality.

In-sale service

Regularly notify you of your order status

Quality inspections for each candle filter production process and related content to customers

Inform customers regularly of the status of goods transport

After-sale service

Provide technical advice on candle filter.

If there is any quality problem, change the goods for you for the first time.

Candle filter price?

Stainless steel candle filter is our main product, all the processes we can do independently, regular models, we have sufficient stock, besides the low price, our delivery speed is very fast, If you need to know the specific price, please leave a message, I will reply you within 24 hours.


How do we buy candle filter?

1. General specifications only need to send us models

2. If you need to customize,please send us a drawing or sample and we will give you a quote as soon as possible.


How to clean filter candle?

Automatic backwash

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