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Resin Trapper screen
  • Resin Trapper screen
  • Resin Trapper screen
  • Resin Trapper screen
  • Resin Trapper screen
Resin Trapper screenResin Trapper screenResin Trapper screenResin Trapper screen

Resin Trapper screen

Material: SS304, SS316L

Diameter: 25mm min

Slot size: 0.2,0.25,0.5,1mm or custom(20μm min)

Connector: Thread, flange, tri-clamp or other connectors

Thickness: Customized on demand

Filter form: Surface filtration

What problem would happen when using ion exchanger?

The ion exchanger is a part of the water treatment system, usually use resin as exchange agent, and resin is used for online water treatment. 

When the quality of the resin is poor (not strong enough), the water pressure disturbance is large (especially the high pressure disturbance), and the inside wall of housing is damaged, the resin would leaks out, it will be difficult to detect. Resin enter the water system, affecting the normal operation of the gate valves and pipes, or even blocking them. And resin is expensive and the economic losses caused by leakage are huge.

How to prevent resin leakage?

Resin trapper are a great option. The resin trap mainly installs a filter with a pore size much smaller than the resin on the water system pipeline near the outlet of equipment containing resin such as ion exchangers, and has a flushing function. 

When the resin passes through, it can be intercepted and captured by the filter. At the same time, it is automatically flushed through the front and rear differential pressure to discharge the captured resin out of the system.

Key components in resin traps and how to choose

The filter screen in the resin trap is a key component of the entire equipment and is responsible for intercepting and recovering resin. We use wedge wire screen, so how to choose wedge wire screen?

1. The gaps are even

2. High strength

3. The workpiece is welded firmly

4. Corrosion resistance

5. Material meets standard

Our wedge wire screen's advantage

1. Huanzheng® has nearly 20 years of production experience and has 7 wire mesh production equipment, with diameters ranging from 25mm to 1000mm, which can be customized.

2. Huanzheng® is equipped with high-end equipment, with even gaps and a roundness close to pure circles

3. Excellent welding workers and engineers ensure smooth and firm welding of the filter element

4. The cross-sections at both ends are horizontally parallel, which can perfectly fit with the workpiece at both ends, making it easy to weld and preventing material leakage or residue

5. Selected stainless steel wire materials, with each element content meeting the national first-class standard

6. Stainless steel wire undergoes hydrogen annealing treatment, which has the characteristics of brightness, softness, non-magnetism, fatigue resistance, and high elongation.

7. After surface treatment such as acid washing and passivation, the corrosion resistance of the filter element is increased, resulting in a longer service life

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