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Advantages of Fermented Cow dung as Cow bed padding

Aug. 04, 2023

The advantages of fermented cow dung as cow beding materials

and how to dry the cow dung

The cow dung from the dairy farm can be used to make cow bed padding. Firstly, the cow dung needs to be dehydrated with solid-liquid separator, and then mixed with anaerobic fermentation agents to build a pile and cover it with film. After completing the fermentation, sterilization, and drying processes, it can be used as cow bed padding.

Comfortable bed rest can significantly increase the bed rate of cows, prolong their lying down rest time, maintain physical health, and thereby increase their milk production.


Clean and dry cow bed padding can also reduce the incidence of bacterial reproduction and the hoof disease, and protect the health of cows.

Advantages of Fermented Cow dung as Cow bed padding


Advantages of Fermented Cow dung as Cow bed padding


At present, the main bedding materials for dairy farms are mainly sand, rice husks, dried cow dung, and rubber bedding. Sand is not easy to clean and can easily damage equipment; The cost of rice husks and rubber padding is high, and it is not easy to handle, causing secondary pollution. The solid cow dung is obtained by solid-liquid separation of fecal water. The solid-liquid separator produced by Zhehan® not only has high efficiency, but the water content of the separated solid cow dung does not exceed 40%, and is suitable for mixed fermentation of bacterial agents and building a pile covered with film for fermentation.


After drying and harmless treatment, solid cow dung used as cow bedding material is not only hygienic and safe, but also has the characteristics of ensuring the health of cows, improving the comfort of cows in bed, reducing foot and limb diseases, and being easy to treat dung. It has significant economic, ecological, and social benefits. Of course, solid cow dung bedding should also pay attention to daily management standards, so that the bedding is fully fermented, dried, and regularly disinfected.


Separating the feces and water from the dairy farm through solid-liquid separation, and then using solid cow dung as bedding material after harmless treatment through pile fermentation or stack fermentation, not only solves the problem of the source of cow bedding material, but also opens up channels for the utilization of cow dung.

How to dry the cow dung?

There is a kind of farm equipment as we said above: solid liquid seaparator. 

The advantages of spiral extrusion solid-liquid separator: high automation level, low running speed, simple operation, easy maintenance, high daily capacity, low power consumption and suitable for continuous operation. Most of its parts are made of stainless steel, and the size of the machine is small, it is the ideal fecal treatment equipment for large-scale farms. It improves the treatment and benefit of livestock and poultry waste greatly. The machine can also be customized according to different industries and users.

Working Principle and Structure

Special non-blocking submerged cutting pumps deliver feces and other sewage to the spiral separator. Through the sprial converyer's thrust squeezing action, the screen dehydrates and the manure is discharged from the discharge port, and the liquid flows out of the liquid outlet through the screen.

Advantages of Fermented Cow dung as Cow bed padding

The type of solid liquid separator

1. ZHG series, main parts made stainless steel, inclduing filter screen, screw conveyor. mainly used on pig dung/cow dung/chicken manure/distillers' grains/ food waste etc, dewatering

Advantages of Fermented Cow dung as Cow bed padding

2. SP series, mainly used on pig and cow dung dewatering, large capacity, this type suit for dewater the cow dung with lots of water, for example solid dung 10% and liquid 90%.

Advantages of Fermented Cow dung as Cow bed padding

Please choose the type according to your requirement. 

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