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What are the advantages of manure

Oct. 18, 2018

The content of soil organic matter is an important criterion to determine whether the soil is healthy. Generally speaking, the higher the soil organic matter content is, the stronger the buffer capacity and the water and fertilizer supply capacity of the soil are.

In the actual production, due to years of repeated planting and unreasonable use of fertilizers, most of the soil organic matter deficiency, which also led to a lot of greenhouses appear solidification, salinization, acidification of unhealthy conditions.


Maintaining soil health or improving unhealthy soil requires a large amount of organic matter to create more granular structure. At present, the main source of supplementary soil organic matter for farmers is basically to select a variety of manure, such as rice husk manure, chicken and duck manure, pig manure and so on.

Therefore, if we want to maintain the health of the soil, we must not neglect the function and matters needing attention of the manure.


Advantages and hidden dangers of manure


All kinds of manure we use contain not only a lot of organic matter but also a lot of nutrients in large, medium and micro. Fermented manure also contains many functional substances. It has a great advantage in improving soil fertility.


Nutrient content in manure is comprehensive. Among all kinds of manure used, poultry and livestock manure is a large amount of ***, including chicken and duck manure, quail manure, pig manure, cattle, and sheep manure and so on. This livestock manure contains more large, medium and traces elements, which can provide comprehensive nutrition for vegetables.


Manure will last for a long time. Most of the nutrients contained in manure are organic, which can be absorbed and utilized only through the continuous transformation of microorganisms. It has great advantages for growing vegetables.


Manure has high organic matter content, and the effect of improving soil is obvious. Organic matter is the most abundant in manure, which can be decomposed into humus and promote the formation of granular structure. At the same time, a large number of growth promoting substances, amino acids and activators can be produced in the process of microbial reproduction and decomposition to ensure that the soil is in a healthy state at all times. The reason why greenhouse vegetable can be planted for many years in succession depends on timely replenishment of manure after each crop change to alleviate soil fatigue and ensure good soil operation.


It can be seen that the use of manure has a good effect on maintaining the health of the soil. However, improper use of manure is not only harmful to crop growth but also has adverse effects on soil improvement. Everyone should pay attention to the way and method when applying.




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