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Manure separator cost

Oct. 24, 2018

Manure separator cost

Manure Separator Cost


Not long ago, our engineers Snow participated in an agricultural forum. The manure management system of livestock farms is the most important topic of this forum. More and more farmers are aware of the seriousness of this problem and the economic benefits it may generate. As the largest separator manufacturer in North China, we became the only manufacturer representative to be invited to participate in the forum.

Manure separator cost is the biggest concern for farmers at the moment

So I am going to talk to you about the manure separator cost today.


If you have used a manure separator, you will realize that it is the best solution for farm manure disposal. I don't have much to say about its specific advantages and working principles. For details, please visit our related product introduction: manure separator.

Buy it in China and you will find products of various prices:

1  USD1000 ~ USD1500

2  USD1500 ~ USD3000

3  More than USD3000

About the manure separator cost, there are probably three prices, How do users choose?


USD1000 ~ USD1500

Zhehan as the largest separator manufacturer in northern China, responsible here, when the price you ask is the first case, please carefully consider the quality of the product. There will be no problems in the early stage of use, however, there may be many minor problems in a few months, and many failures are not solved by the users themselves.

More than USD2500

There is a saying in China that good goods are not cheap, cheap product not good. The quality of the product at this price will be very good, can meet your needs, but your purchase cost will be high. If you buy in bulk or have a good budget, you can also consider it.

USD1500 ~ USD3000

The quality of the manure separator at this price can also be guaranteed, but Some places need to be considered.

1  Is it a brand manufacturer?

2  Whether the core process can be produced independently

3  After-sales clause

4  Product quality management system


Write it here today. If you have more questions about the manure separator cost, please leave a message.


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