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Applications and features of candle filter on ships

May. 27, 2024

Candle Filter are used on ships mainly to intercept impurities in fuel and lubricating oil to protect the normal operation of the engine and to enhance the operating efficiency of the ship.

 Applications and features of candle filter on ships

The following are some of the key applications and features of candle filter on ships:


1. Fuel Filtration: As part of the fuel system of a ship's engine, the main function of a candle filter element is to effectively filter out solid particles and impurities from the fuel. 

This is essential to prevent these potentially harmful contaminants from entering the engine and avoiding wear and tear and other damage.

2. Structural features: generally, the candle filter element consists of two layers of stainless steel filter media, including stainless steel special wire mesh, stainless steel winding wire mesh for support. 

They have different connection forms, such as spring-loaded, inserted, threaded, to suit different filter designs.

3. Backwashing characteristics: Candle filter not only have good filtration performance, they also have backwashing capability, which means they can be cleaned without disassembly by reversing the flow of fluid. This increases the life of the cartridge and reduces the need for maintenance.

4. High filtration efficiency: Despite their relatively small size, candle cartridges are able to provide a large filtration area, ensuring that high filtration efficiency is maintained even under high pressure differentials.

5. Environmentally friendly and intelligent: The use of new filter materials and intelligent management systems makes candle filter more environmentally friendly and reduces pollutant emissions. At the same time, the intelligent system can monitor the status of the filter in real time, reminding the crew to replace and maintain it in time, thus guaranteeing the safe and environmentally friendly operation of the ship.

6. Multi-purpose: In addition to the use of ships, the candle filter is also suitable for a variety of industries, such as metallurgy, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, etc., involving a variety of application scenarios of oil and water filtration treatment.


So, candle filter plays an important role in ships, not only ensures the purity of fuel and protects the engine, but also provides strong support for the continuous navigation of ships through its unique design and intelligent management.


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