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The application of self-cleaning filter

Apr. 30, 2024

The application of self-cleaning filter

Self-cleaning filter for Cooling Water Treatment

Self-cleaning filters are often used for equipment cooling water and circulating cooling water filtration. Using self-cleaning filters for circulating water treatment can not only achieve better filtration effects, but also reduce wastewater discharge and avoid polluting water.                         The application of self-cleaning filter

☛1. Central air conditioning water filtration and boiler water filtration.

☛2. Water treatment during steel processing.

☛3. Cooling water filtration of steel production equipment systems.

☛4. Filtration of generator cooling water and sealing water in power plants, etc.

Self-cleaning filters for Petrochemical Industry

Adding self-cleaning filters to the petrochemical production process can not only reduce water treatment costs, but also avoid a large amount of energy consumption, it is simple and easy to operate, and reduces unnecessary cost.

1. Petrochemical chemical raw materials and finished products filtration.

2. As a pre-filter for cooling water and circulating water filtration.

3. Intercept carbon ink and filter aids and protect key equipment.

Self-cleaning filter for Machining

Self-cleaning filters also play an important role in the mechanical processing industry. First, self-cleaning filters can protect processing tools and extend their service life. Second, it can reduce costs, improve efficiency, and increase product qualification rates.

☛1. Mainly used in the mechanical processing industry to help filter coolant, lubricating oil, cleaning fluid, phosphating fluid, anti-rust oil, etc.

☛2. Remove trace amounts of oil in the cleaning fluid.

Self-cleaning filters for the Paper Industry

In practical applications, self-cleaning filters can save energy, reduce emissions, and control impurities, thereby improving the quality of papermaking.

1. Production water of various paper machines filtration.                                          The application of self-cleaning filter

2. Paint additives used in the papermaking process filtration.

Self-cleaning filters for Metallurgy

1. Handle continuous casting water and high-pressure phosphorus removal water during the processing of metallurgical plants.

2. The self-cleaning filter can fully filter, side filter, and protect nozzles of purified water and cooling water in metallurgical industry processing.

Self-cleaning filter for Electricity

1. Can be used for turbine cooling water filtration.

2. Gray water filtration in wet electrostatic precipitator cycles.

3. Protect dust-reducing nozzles.

4.Complete filtration and side filtration of cooling tower water.

Self-cleaning filter for Agriculture

1. Self-cleaning filters can help agriculture implement sprinkler irrigation.

2. Drip irrigation water filtration.



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