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Determinants of steel filter price

Aug. 23, 2018

Determinants of steel filter price

Steel filter price is the most concern of our users. As a manufacturer of steel filter, I will explain to you how the price is affected. First, let's know about the steel filter.

Material: SS201, 304, 316, 316L, 2205, 2507, 32750.

Type: Pleated filter element, sintered filter element, wedge wire screen filter, filter basket

Filter accuracy: 1-200 micron (sintered filter element)

             1-300 micron (pleated filter element)

             20-6000 micron (wedge wire screen filter)

Size: customized

Note: About wedge wire screen filter element, sometimes according to the requirements of the equipment, need to use the anti-roll wedge wire screen filter. Anti-roll wedge wire screen filter has one more process than positive wedge wire screen filter, so its filter accuracy is more than 50 micron.

Factors affecting the price of steel filter

1. Material (for steel filter price)

We usually need to select the filter material according to the filter environment. And different raw materials affect the steel filter price.

If our filtering environment is not too corrosive, I recommend using the SS304 material, it can meet all your requirements.

If your filter environment is corrosive to a certain extent, in order to extend the use time of the filter element, reduce the replacement cost of the filter element, SS316L(or 316) is very suitable.

If your filter element is used on a ship and the filtering environment is strongly corroded by sea water, the filter element protection equipment is also very important, I strongly recommend that you use dual-phase steel raw materials.

However, the price of these three materials is quite different, dual-phase steel > 316L > 304. For instance, A well-known shipping company, we provide them with a basket of products, a stainless steel mesh in the punching tube. We have provided samples of three materials for their testing, 304, 316L, UNS32750, the same specifications, their prices are USD85, 120, 500. But in the end, they chose the most expensive UNS32750 material.

So steel filter price is not the most important. We should first consider the products that are most suitable for us. UNS32750 is five times the 304 material price, but its service life is ten times more than 304 material, and we also saved the cost of replacement, obviously, it is more suitable for us and has higher cost performance.

2. Type (for steel filter price)

According to our needs, we need different types of filter elements. Pleated filter element, sintered filter element, wedge wire screen filter, filter basket and so on. Because of their different processes, prices are also quite different, in general, the sintered filter element is more expensive than other types.

3. Size (for steel filter price)

Understandably, different sizes consume different raw materials, but the impact on prices is relatively small compared to other aspects.

4. Filtration accuracy (for steel filter price)

The higher the filtering accuracy, the higher the price.

5. Interface (for steel filter price)

Don't belittle this interface, different interface consumes different materials, which will also affect the steel filter price.

6. Quantity (for steel filter price)

No doubt.

7. Surface treatment (for steel filter price)

This involves the patented technology of our factory. Our cleaning equipment is also developed by us, it is different from ordinary pickling. After cleaning with our special equipment, in addition to the bright surface, also increased the corrosion resistance by about 40%. So our steel filter has a longer service life than others.

These are some of the basic factors affecting the price of the filter element, of course, there are other elements, we can discuss together.

I wrote this article for two main reasons. First, before purchasing the steel filter, users will know the related factors of the price, this will not only make it easier to communicate with suppliers, but also avoid being deceived by suppliers. Second, I would like to say, steel filter price is not the most important, choose the most suitable products, choose the highest cost-effective products is what we need to pay attention to.


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