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How to select suitable filter company

Aug. 27, 2018

How to select suitable filter company

When you import large quantities of industrial filter elements, you need to find a suitable filter company for long-term cooperation, but how to suitable when you faced thousands of manufacturers information?

1. Product structure of Filter company

According to the material used in the filter element, it can be divided into stainless steel filter element, pp filter element, winding filter element, folding microporous filter element, activated carbon filter element, double filter element, resin filter element, titanium rod filter element, RO reverse osmosis filter element.

Different types of filter elements are used differently. We must first determine the filter element that is suitable for our use and then go to the relevant manufacturer that produces the filter elements. Because different materials of filter elements require different production equipment and different processes, normally, small and medium-sized filter manufacturers generally only specialize in the production of filter elements of one material. From the product structure, it can be initially analyzed whether the other party is a professional manufacturer or a trader.

In addition, the well-equipped manufacturers will have a complete product-chain that will meet all our product needs, it will also reduce our purchasing cost.

2. Filter company's production equipment

Production equipment is one aspect we should pay attention to. It is a demonstration of the company's strength and the basis of the filter company's production capacity. Manufacturers with incomplete or relatively backward production equipment are unlikely to have long-term stable cooperation.

In addition, many filter companies now have their own production equipment, but in order to maximize profits, many parts are purchased outside, so it is easy to have quality problems. We need to know if the manufacturer has the complete set of production equipment for our products, including the filter layer, support layer, bottom cover, and interface. Only manufacturers with all components of the filter can be independently produced to better control the quality of the product.

3. Filter company's technology and experience

Try to choose a manufacturer that has been established for a long time. The rich production experience will make your cooperation easier, and the problems in the production process will be easily solved.

In terms of technology, it mainly depends on the manufacturer's control of details, including errors, weld bead, interface, the cleaning process, etc. For manufacturers who are constantly improving their details, the quality of the products will surely satisfy you. This aspect can be examined from samples made by the filter company.

4. Filter company's quality management system

In particular, metal filter products are almost all customized products, and each filter requires more than a dozen production processes to be shaped. From the collection of raw materials, each production process to the delivery, a complete set of the product quality management system is required to ensure the quality of the products.

5. Filter company's after sales service

Many customers have encountered problems with the quality problems of the products, and the changes in the service attitude of the manufacturers after payment, which makes us very annoyed.

For our large-volume imported filter products, after-sales service is as important as product quality. We not only need to produce emergency measures after quality problems but also technical support and product maintenance programs during product use. A company with a perfect after-sales service will let us buy products without any worries.


These are some of the basic requirements of quality manufacturers, we can choose according to our own situation. Zhehan is a professional manufacturer of metal filter elements. It has more than 20 years of production history, complete equipment, perfect quality management system and perfect after-sales service. Any question about the metal filter element, you can leave a message.

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