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Tech 2: Filter beta ratio

Aug. 17, 2018

What is Filter beta ratio?

filter element beta ratio

Filter beta ratio describes the filtration performance of the filter element, from the beta ratio value, we can see the ability of filter element to filter particle impurities. So it is an important parameter. 

When we buy the filter element, the supplier should provide relevant data. Many clients asked me what it means and what it represents, I feel that it is necessary to write an article to introduce the filter beta ratio(β).

How to calculate the Filter beta ratio? (ISO 16889:1999)

This calculation method is very simple.

1 Calculate the number of particles in the solution before filtration (n1 upstream.)

2 After the solution is passed through the filter element, the quantity of impurity particles in the filtered solution is calculated.(n2 downstream)

Beta ratio=(n1)upstream/(n2)downstream

Example: A filter element

               Filtration accuracy:5 Micron



Beta ratio=1,000,000(upstream)/2,000 (downstream)=β400

Beta ratios can also be expressed as an efficiency percentage – efficiency % = (Beta minus 1) / Beta * 100. This Beta2000 element is 99.8% effective.

filter element beta ratio

Filter beta ratio, as buyers, what we need to pay attention?

When we don't know the filter element well, we tend to be more concerned about filter accuracy, we need 5 microns, 10 microns, 15micron and so on.

We may only recommend filtering accuracy to suppliers, in order to maximize profits, bad sellers will seize this mistake. For instance, you need a filter element with a precision of 10 microns. Even worse filters can capture some 10-micron particles, and you didn't ask for the beta ratios value, maybe the supplier will give you the beta ration value between 2 and 5. Such products are unacceptable.

According to our experience for many years, the ratio should be at least 75 or more to meet our minimum requirements. To ensure our demand,  I recommend using the filter element with a value 200 to 2000 Beta Ratio.

About beta ratio, if you have any question please leave me a message.

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