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The challenges of china filter element suppliers

Jul. 25, 2018

As a China filter element suppliers, we are always concerned about the development trend of the filter element industry. I summed up our (ZHEHAN Filter)successful experience.


1.  Improve product quality and establish a quality management system.

Quality is always first. The advantage of Chinese filter element suppliers is the low price of products, but in today’s competitive environment, it’s not enough for you to survive, customers pay more and more attention to quality requirements, quality brings word of mouth, word of mouth creates a brand! We need a sound quality management system to shape the foundation of our brand.

2.  Improve after sales service.

This is not just a slogan, it is as important as the quality of the product. Zhehan Filter has always insisted that the real start of service is after the goods arrive at the customer. Track product usage, provide technical support, resolve problems in time, etc. Every company should have its own after-sales service terms and be able to enforce. In this way, you will not only get the praise of the customer, but you will also be promoted from this process. Why not do it?

3.  Rich product chain.

Filter element suppliers there will be a problem, that is the product is too single.

Ten years ago, Zhehan filter only produces a wedge mesh filter, the product is very single, we have a customer in the water treatment industry, He purchased stainless steel filter element for pretreatment of water treatment, In addition to the wedge wire screen filter, it is also necessary to sintered metal filter, pleated filter element, etc. Although our wedge wire screen filter is of very good quality, we have lost this customer because we cannot provide him with a full service. After that, we upgraded the product chain and introduced advanced production equipment, today, any kind of metal filter can be produced by ourselves, this also makes our brand more and more recognized by people.

4.  Protruding the dominant product.

Deeply improve the products of our own advantages and provide more value-added services to customers.

5.  Stop vicious competition.

Our core competence is product quality and service, Vicious competition will sacrifice product quality and customer trust.

6.  Attention to detail.

This is what we have been doing all along. In the information age, the gap between processes is getting smaller and smaller, The grasp of the details is crucial, It is also the basis for providing the ultimate service to customers.

7.  Open up horizons.

Learning will never be outdated, the leaders in the industry at home and abroad are our best teachers.


Filter element suppliers are facing a severe test, “To stand still is to move back”, Zhehan filter will take the product quality as the core and serve as the pioneer to provide the best service for the customers.

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