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Wedge wire screen open area

Jul. 25, 2018

Wedge wire screen open area

The Wedge wire screen open area is a factor we often overlook, in fact, the opening ratio is a very important parameter for our users, especially for customers who use the wedge wire screen for filtration or separation for the first time, it is more important to consider this impact.


How is the opening ratio of the wedge wire screen calculated?

The opening ratio of the wedge wire screen can be understood as the ratio of the slot size.

F: Opening ratio

x: width of the wedge wire

n: Slot size




The wedge wire screen open area is higher than weave wire mesh filter media, this is also an important reason why we chose it.

1.  High open area, the flow rate of treated water will be greater.

2.  High open area, pressure loss will be smaller. reduced energy consumption while ensuring our economic benefits.

3.  V-shaped wire, will not block.


Where we need to pay attention:

The wedge wire screen open area is not the bigger the better, need to be considered according to our actual user needs.

High filtration accuracy-Low opening area-Small flow

Low filtering accuracy-High opening area-High flow

When we need higher filtration accuracy, select a large open area can't achieve the effect we expected. So we should choose the product that suits us, we can provide free sample testing in this regard.


The most important aspect:

The most important thing we have to stay to the end. We are more and more concerned wedge wire screen open area, opening ratio, we will ask the manufacturer to do the size we give, but one of the problems is that there is no way to ignore it, that is the slot size error control.

This is one of the reasons why our wedge wire screen products are sold all over the world and are highly praised by customers. We have an advanced reprocessing equipment, guaranteed that we control the slot size error size to the top level of the peers, also meet the customer's requirements for details.



Slot size & Wedge wire screen open area & Filtration accuracy:

The relationship between the three of them is easy to understand. At present, relying on advanced production equipment and control of error, the filtration precision of our products reaches 20 microns.

Maybe you will say that many manufacturers can reach 20 microns. Yes, many manufacturers will promote this, but I recommend getting the actual product for testing.


If have any other question about wedge wire screen open area please leave me a message, I will reply you soon.

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