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Apr. 18, 2019

Wedge Wire Screen Details Please Check Our Product Page: WEDGE WIRE SCREEN - JOHNSON SCREEN

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Wedge wire screen, The utility model is a metal mesh structure element used for screening and filtering.


It can be used in screening, filtration, dehydration, desliming, and other operations. It has high strength, stiffness and bearing capacity, and can be made into rigid screening and filtering devices of various shapes.


It is easy to leak, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. The cross section of the mesh wire is trapezoidal with narrow upper and wider lower slots. It is widely used in mining, coal, petroleum, chemical fertilizer, grain, salt, environmental protection, and other industries.


Today I will introduce this product in detail, hoping to help users.


What is the wedge wire mesh? 


Presumably such a professional term, you seldom hear about it, in fact, more straightforward, it is a similar metal structure components. In addition, it has another name: Johnson vee wire screen.


Mainly used for filtration, screening, dehydration, desliming and other operations. Most of the shapes are trapezoidal with narrow upper and wide lower structures.

So, what are the main classification of wedge wire screen? And what are their characteristics? Of course, different screens have different characteristics, materials, and uses. If you have this requirement, you may as well follow me to understand the classification of wedge wire screen(Johnson screen) and related knowledge.


Wedge Wire Screen Technology


It is a new member of the wire mesh industry(wedge wire industries). The utility model is a metal mesh structure element used for screening and filtering.


According to the different raw materials, it can be divided into three categories.


Polyurethane screen, manganese steel screen, stainless steel wedge wire screen. Among them, stainless steel products are the most common and cost-effective products, which are popular with users all over the world. This blog will also mainly introduce the knowledge of stainless steel products.


Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Screen Characteristics


High screening rate, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, skid resistance, vibration resistance, strong elasticity, strong toughness, not close together.

The mesh section is trapezoidal. The gap is narrow and wide. It is made of cold-rolled stainless steel wire. The supporting rod is welded by automatic mine screen production equipment. The sieve seam is uniform, the welding quality is stable, the opening rate is high, the service life is long, the strength is high, the steel degree and the carrying capacity are high. It can be made into various shapes of steel sieving and filtering device.




Stainless steel welded wedge wire screen, sieve plate screen basket, vibration screen, slit screen, cylinder screen, arc screen, high strength screen, polyester mine screen, etc.


Welded stainless steel mine screen, slit screen, screen plate screen basket, welding vibration screen, cylinder screen, arc screen.


Screen Basket


Screen basket: It is a newly developed product in the wire mesh industry.


Its characteristics: easy to leak, wear resistance, corrosion resistance. The mesh section is trapezoidal. The gap is narrow and wide.


Material: Stainless steel, wire hole square plate thickness 0.2-8.0 (mm).


Uses: Widely used in mining, coal, petroleum, fertilizer, grain, environmental protection and other industries seam screen, oil filter, salt industry network.


Curved screen


The arc screen is mainly used for pre-dewatering, declining, desliming and grading slurry recovery in coal preparation plants and concentrators. It can also be equipped with water cyclone to effectively classify, dehydrate, desliming and desulfurize fine particles.


Characteristic: The screen is composed of 45-degree wrap angle and 60-degree curvature radius wi2030mm screen phase. The arc screen face and frame adopt pivot special structure, which can rotate 180 degrees and prolong the service life of the screen face.

Rolled Mesh Screen


Material: stainless steel wire, galvanized wire, black iron wire, low carbon steel wire.


Characteristics: High-temperature resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance.


Method of weaving: The method of pre-bending and forming is adopted. It can be divided into locking braiding, bidirectional plain braiding, unidirectional corrugated braiding, bidirectional plane braiding, bidirectional corrugated braiding, and rectangular hole braiding.


Uses: Widely used in mining, petroleum, chemical industry, construction, machinery accessories, protective nets, packaging nets, barbecue nets, barbecue oven nets, sintering furnace nets, hardware products nets, handicraft nets, vibrating screen nets, basket nets, food machinery nets, cooking utensils nets, wall nets, grain, highway, railway, infrastructure nets, classified screening of solid materials. Filtration of liquid and mud, civil use, etc.


Polyurethane screen


Polyurethane grading screen and sieve plate are widely used in screening machines in metallurgy, mining, coal, building materials, water conservancy, road construction, and other industries. They are replacements of steel plate punching screen, steel wire braided screen, stainless steel screen plate and rubber screen plate. They have lightweight, high screening efficiency, non-blocking, friction resistance, impact resistance, tear resistance, long service life (2-3 times of stainless steel screen plate), low noise. The utility model has the advantages of convenient installation and high comprehensive benefit.


Wedge Wire Screen Panels Uses


Mine screen is widely used in mining, coal, petroleum, fertilizer, food, salt, environmental protection and other industries. Screening liquid, powder and other materials. Petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, mining, pharmaceutical purification, drilling fluid purification, etc.


With the continuous development and innovation of modern emerging technologies, products are gradually improved and replaced, and they gradually adapt to the whole social and ecological environment, and we continue to apply new technologies to modern life.


ZHEHAN as a wedge wire screen suppliers, we should keep pace with the times, constantly improve the production process, and provide high-quality products and services for global customers.


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