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Manure separator machine for pig farm

Nov. 18, 2018

As we all know, manure separator is the best solution for farm manure. We have detailed information about it before, including specifications, dimensions, performance, efficiency, installation and maintenance.

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Today we mainly analyze the benefits of the manure separator machine to pig farms.


Manure Separator Machine Effect

1.  If the biogas tank built by the pig farm is not large, the detention time of sewage into the tank is too short. It will lead to the excessive discharge of sewage.

At this time, separation opportunities solve this problem.

It can effectively reduce the COD and BOD of sewage, and reduce the operation load of biogas digesters. Thereby achieving sewage emission reduction

At the same time, the problem of difficulty in clearing the pool after solid matter precipitation is avoided.


2.  Using the separator, the useless pig manure can be directly converted into farm manure (Fish feed or organic fertilizer).

The separated sewage enters the methane pool intermittently, this will enable the anaerobic pond to have a sufficient digestion time so that the active bacteria in the pool will be more vigorous.


3.  It solves the problem that farm manure is difficult to handle, difficult to transport and pollute the surrounding air.


These are the main functions of the separator's translation.

Besides, I would like to emphasize two points.

1.     Quality problems of the manure separator


It is recommended that you purchase directly from manufacturers.

Now that the Internet is so developed, the cost of finding suppliers has been negligible, and most manufacturers can independently complete export services.

If you are still working with traders, please give me a reason!


2.     Price


This is a topic most relevant to users, today I would like to briefly talk about this aspect.

The cost of farm manure separator machine is very different, handling different animal feces has different product requirements, include:

Size, craft and accessories, etc.

Here I can tell you clearly that pig manure is very easy to handle, therefore, the separator used to treat pig manure is relatively cheap.


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