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The second manure separator production line

Nov. 26, 2018

The second manure separator production line officially opened today


Since May, our manure separator production line has ushered in a huge challenge, due to the mistakes of the marketing department, we misjudged the sales in the second half of the year. With the surge in orders, our production speed has seriously affected the delivery time.


From the previous 15 days of the production cycle to 25 days in June, it has seriously affected our service quality. We will build our second manure separator production line from June 18th. After more than four months of construction, our second production line officially started today.


The second production line purchased 5 of the most advanced production equipment on the market. It is estimated that the overall production speed will increase by one third.


At the same time, we upgraded the first manure separator production line.


  •  Newly purchased 3 production equipment, currently, the first production line has 8 production equipment

  •  A new wedge wire screen machine is installed in the wedge wire screen production workshop to produce the drum screen used in the separator.


In addition to the increase in production equipment, we have also made changes in quality inspection.

The third quality inspection team is independent, no longer responsible for the quality inspection of the filter products, only the quality inspection work of the separator

This not only improves the speed of the quality inspection process but also guarantees the quality of the product.


The manure separator is our main product and the production process is quite mature, we have always been at the top of the industry in chicken manure treatment. In the next five years, we will build branches in Australia and Poland to meet the needs of customers from all over the world.


We have upgraded the manure separator and added a valve to adjust the flow. I will explain in detail in the next blog.


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