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Solid liquid separator for farms

Nov. 12, 2018

solid liquid separator for farms

The discharge of pig farm wastewater is the target of large-scale pig raising, the management of manure in pig farms is urgent.


The importance of solid liquid separation


When using blisters to raise pigs, the wastewater contains a large number of residual feces and feed.

1. Feces after solid-liquid separation are easier to handle

The manure treated by the solid-liquid separator can be directly bagged for sale, or used for fermentation to produce high-quality bio-organic fertilizer, which brings additional economic benefits to the farm and supplements the investment cost of the solid-liquid separator.

2. Can guarantee the continuous operation of the subsequent processing system.

After the cultured manure is treated by the solid-liquid separator, the pollutants such as SS, COD, N, and P are further removed, so that the wastewater is not odorous as before the treatment, and the environmental pollution is effectively reduced. Create conditions for subsequent anaerobic fermentation.

3. Saving the cost of civil works

The wastewater separated by the solid-liquid separator is shortened in the time of anaerobic or good fermentation treatment, and the volume of the anaerobic tank and the aerobic tank is reduced, thereby achieving the purpose of reducing the cost. It is understood that the volume of anaerobic tank required after treatment by solid-liquid separator is reduced by 50%, the processing time is shortened by 33%, and the cost is reduced by 55%.


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