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The function of wedge wire screen in petroleum industry

Apr. 26, 2024

The function of wedge wire screen in petroleum industry.

In the petroleum industry, wedge wire filter elements are mainly used in oil well sand control, terminal filtration of petroleum products, and filtration of chemical acid-base liquids.


1. **Oil well sand control**: wedge wire screens are widely used in oil, gas, and water wells to prevent sand and other particles from rising to the ground along with the produced fluid, thereby protecting 

The function of wedge wire screen in petroleum industrydownstream equipment and improving recovery efficiency.

2. **Petroleum product filtration**: In the petroleum processing process, wedge wire filter elements are used for terminal filtration of various petroleum products to remove impurities and ensure product quality.

3. **Chemical liquid filtration**: In the petrochemical industry, wedge wire screens can be used for the filtration of chemical acid and alkali liquids, as well as the recovery and filtration process of organic solutions such as alcohol, helping to separate and purify chemical substances.


In addition, due to the particularity of its manufacturing process, the wedge wire screen tube has non-clogging and high passability, making it excellent in the solid-liquid separation process. The full welding process ensures the continuous integrity of the product and forms an ideal gap size, allowing it to maintain stable performance in high-pressure environments.


In summary, wedge wire filter elements play an important role in many aspects of the petroleum industry due to their special structure and high-quality filtration performance. They are an indispensable part of oil and natural gas extraction and chemical product manufacturing.


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