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The difficulty and benefits of chicken manure treatment

Mar. 18, 2024

The difficulty and benefits of chicken manure treatment

For a large livestock farm, the treatment of manure is a thorny issue. If it is dried naturally, it takes a long time, the smell is unpleasant, and it will attract a lot of flies and maggots, which not only pollutes the environment, but also may cause Infectious diseases of humans or livestock.

The difficulty and benefits of chicken manure treatment

How to treat the chicken manure? what should we do? 

When you have a septic tank and a solid-liquid separator, these problems will be solved very well. 

The difficulty and benefits of chicken manure treatment

What is solid-liquid separator?

The solid-liquid separator is a small automatic livestock manure dewatering machine, low operating speed, simple operation, easy maintenance, high daily capacity, low power consumption and suitable for continuous operation.

Now, Let's talk about the dehydration of chicken manure.

We all know that chickens consume very little water, which makes chicken manure drier than cow manure or pig manure, and it is more difficult to dewater, especially layer hens and broiler chickens. Due to the need to produce benefits faster, these chickens will be fed high-nutrient feed, which cannot even be fully absorbed and then excreted together with the feces. Therefore, the feces of laying hens and broilers still contains rich nutrients, is very viscous, has low water content, very difficult to dewater.

Because there is very little fiber in the feed of laying hens and broilers, this causes the solid particles to be very dispersed and difficult to be squeezed, so we have improved some parts, such as the auger, we have used double blades to ensure that the solid chicken manure at the front end of the stranding dragon is not easily dispersed; at the same time, we have also made corresponding adjustments to the screen to adapt to and improve the dehydration efficiency of chicken manure.

After equipment dewatering, the water content of chicken manure is 30%-40%, reaching the leading level in the industry

The difficulty and benefits of chicken manure treatment

The dewatered livestock manure will bring more economic benefits to your farm

1. Solid excrement after separation is conducive to transportation and higher price for sale.

2. After the separation, the excrement is mixed into the grass bran to stir well,  it can be made into compound organic fertilizer after granulation.

3. The separated excrement can be directly used to improve soil quality, and it can also be used to breed earthworms, grow mushrooms and feed fish.

4. The separated liquid can directly enter the biogas pool, the biogas production efficiency is higher, and the biogas pool will not be blocked to prolong the service life.


A simple, low-cost solid-liquid separator can help farms make better use of poultry manure, generate economic benefits, and bring additional income. It is indeed a good choice.


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