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Titan filter

Sep. 04, 2018

Titan filter was applied to Titan paint spray guns

The impurities in the coating do a lot of damage to the piston and the tip of the spray gun, so we need to use a high-quality spray gun filter to remove impurities from the layer.

For Titan paint spray guns, we can provide all kinds of filter products.

Titan filter model

Titan 500-200-15


Application: LX80, LX80II, LX75

150 mesh

Interface: threaded end



Application: LX80, LX80II, LX75

100 mesh

Interface: threaded end


Titan 500-200-06


Application: LX80,LX80II,LX75


Interface: threaded end




Application: LX80,LX80II,LX75


Interface: threaded end


Titan 730-067


30/60/100 Mesh

Length: 5-5/8"

Diameter: 13/16"



920001 – 5 Mesh (High Solids Materials)

920004 – 50 Mesh (Latex Paints)

920005 – 100 Mesh (Oil Based Paints




Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 4 inches

Weight: 4 ounces

Interface: 1-5/16" thread


All models of filters are made of high-quality stainless steel.

In addition to the above models, we can also customize a variety of products for you.

Our advantage of titan filter

• Material

Stainless steel wire mesh is an important part of products. Our company is located in the origin of the wire mesh. Compared with other competitors, we have huge advantages in price and quality control of raw materials.

• Price

We are the manufacturer. Compared with Amazon, eBay. bulk purchase (more than 100pcs), our price is very competitive.

• Complete product

All the filter element applied to Titan paint spray guns that can be processed and customized.

• After sales service.

If there is any quality problem with the quality of the product, it will be replaced free of charge, and the customer service team will be available 24 hours a day.

• long service life

High-quality raw materials and advanced manufacturing process make our products have a longer service life than other competitors and reduce your replacement cost.

FAQ of titan filter

◐ How can I buy from your website?

1. Submit the type, quantity or other requirements of the product you need directions to my website (at the bottom).

2. Send the type, quantity or other requirements of the product you need to our email.


◐ How to ensure quality?

Our products are welcomed by users all over the world, the reason is that we are ahead of our peers in terms of quality and low price.

We have special quality inspectors in all production processes to ensure that products are controlled for details. If you receive a product with a quality problem, we will replace it as soon as possible and bear all the costs.


◐ Packaging and transportation

These two aspects can be implemented according to your requirements.




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