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Treatment of farm manure

Jan. 17, 2020

Nowadays, the number of farms is increasing. How to find a good way to deal with it and make use of it is very important. Today, let's talk about the treatment of manure.


At present, there are many ways to deal with the excrement, including biological fermentation treatment, low-level animal treatment, direct return to the field, using excrement dry and wet separator and so on. The details are as follows:


First, biological fermentation treatment


Manure composting can replace chemical fertilizer, which can not only increase crop yield, but also reduce environmental pollution caused by fertilizer and pesticide.


Second, manure returned to the field.


The farmer sweeps out the excrement and collects it in a centralized way. He can pull it to the field to grow fruit trees or vegetables, or let the villagers pull it to grow the land. This is the oldest good method, which is suitable for any individual farmer.


Third, produce organic fertilizer.


Purchase manure separator, manure drying mixer and granulator, turn manure into organic fertilizer, and then sell organic fertilizer. When purchasing machinery and equipment, the state has certain preferential policies and subsidies, which is a modern way, very suitable for large-scale pig farmers.


The dry and wet separator is a comprehensive treatment of environmental pollution by using biological and ecological methods. The purpose is to use nutrients and energy as much as possible to reduce or eliminate the emission of environmental pollutants. The processing methods are generally a combination of several methods. The obvious advantage is that it can achieve deodorization, sterilization, fertilizer and other effects. It has high economic and ecological benefits and is worth popularizing in production. Dry manure is piled up and fermented as organic base fertilizer; livestock urine and washing water are put into the septic tank for sedimentation and salvage. After the separation of dry and wet, the water enters the reservoir to raise fish; solid matter can be used as green organic fertilizer.


Among them, the ecological engineering based on the dry and wet separator is more promising and in line with the national concept of sustainable development.


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