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Wedge wire cylinder

Jan. 16, 2019

Wedge wire cylinder specifications and inquiry links: Wedge wire screen | Wedge wire filter

Backwash filter is widely used in industry. Wedge wire cylinder is the most common filter element in the backwash filter. This blog will introduce in detail:

1. Why use wedge wire cylinder

2. Introduction of wedge wire cylinder backwash filter

3. Working Principle of wedge wire cylinder backwash filter


Why use a wedge wire cylinder?


- Metal material, strong structure

- No clogging, the best choice in special filtration environment

- V-type structure, easy to clean

- Strong resistance to chemical corrosion


Introduction of wedge wire cylinder backwash filter




In recent years, with the rapid development of China's petrochemical industry, the filter technology requirements of process pipelines in petroleum and chemical enterprises are getting higher and higher. The filter equipment in good demand of large domestic petrochemical enterprises is imported from abroad, which not only invests heavily, but also takes a long time to purchase equipment, and the site installation, commissioning and after-sales service cannot match.


And the imported equipment cannot fully meet all aspects of the market demand, such as filtering glycerol, tar, and high viscosity chemical materials, usually cleaning filter components very frequently, parking time is long, production and operation efficiency is low.


In order to solve the above problems, our factory has made many in-depth investigations on the spot of petroleum and chemical enterprises, mastered the relevant technical essentials and market demand, synthesized the existing production capacity and production technology of our factory, consulted the technical experts of domestic petrochemical system, and started to develop the backwashing visual filter of petrochemical process pipeline water, so as to fill the domestic gap.


Product mix


The development of automatic backwashing filter for process pipeline is based on the general structure of basket filter produced by our factory.


The diameter of the cylinder and the diameter of the inlet and outlet pipes are determined according to the requirements of operating pressure and flow in the field. The required spray angle and flow rate can be achieved by introducing backwash fluid (water) pipe into the filter cartridge, densely distributing horn-shaped round holes on the tube wall, or installing several full-cone nozzles under the pressure of 0.3 Mpa. A vent valve and a window mirror are installed above the horizontal installation product.


The vertical type is installed at the lower outlet of the sewage valve with a tubular mirror. Both structures are equipped with pressure gauges and differential pressure controllers on the inlet and outlet pipes.

(Wedge wire cylinder - 30 um to 600 um)


Working procedure


After the filter is put into operation, the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet material pipes increases gradually with the increase of the focusing material intercepted on the filter screen. When the pressure difference reaches a certain set value, the pressure difference controller of the filter sends out an alarm signal.

At this time, the operator should cut off the material inlet valve, open the backwash liquid inlet (water) valve and vent valve, that is, carry out all-round backwash spraying and cleaning of the filter layer.


The backwashed dirt is discharged from the lower sewage outlet with the backwash liquid, and the backwash process can be observed from the upper and lower mirrors at any time. After the flushing procedure is completed, the pressure difference returns to normal operation.


The filter area of this series of products is larger than that of the general basket filter, which has a wide range of applicability, novel and scientific shape, reasonable and compact structure, thorough and rapid cleaning, and easy to observe. It can not only solve the heavy disassembly and cleaning work but also ensure the normal operation of the pump. Its economic and social benefits are very remarkable.


Wedge wire cylinder backwash filter characteristics


The automatic backwash filter has the advantages of small resistance, high quality of cleaning and filtering, easy installation and operation, wide application range and not easy to damage. This series of filters have special butterfly valves with dirt clearance.


When the filter works, the butterfly valve disc is in full open state.

The medium enters the inside of the filter material, and after filtering by the filter material, the clean medium enters the pipeline system. The impurities and dirt are intercepted in the chamber of the filter material. When cleaning the sewage, the butterfly valve plate is closed. The filtered medium enters the pipeline from the dirt clearing outlet, and the impurities and dirt are washed and discharged from the outside of the filter material into the inside, and the filter works normally in the process of sewage discharge.


Pressure gauges can be installed at the end of the filter when there are more impurities in the media. When the pressure drop exceeds the specified value, the value of the sewage outlet can be opened. At the same time, the butterfly valve can be closed to flush the filter screen.


Wedge wire cylinder backwash filter technical parameter


Material: carbon steel, stainless steel.

Material of filter element: stainless steel

Sealing material: oil-resistant asbestos, NBR, PTFE.

Working temperature: - 30 ~ 150 C

Design pressure: 0.6-2.5 Mpa

Filtration accuracy: 8-300 meshes


Working Principle of wedge wire cylinder backwash filter


Water enters through the entrance, first filters out the impurities of larger particles through the coarse filter, and then reaches the fine filter. In the process of filtration, the fine filter gradually accumulates dirt and impurities in the water, forming a filter impurity layer, which accumulates in the inner side of the fine filter, thus forming a pressure difference on both sides of the fine filter.


When the pressure difference of the filter reaches the preset value, the automatic cleaning process will begin. In this process, the water supply will flow continuously, the cleaning valve will open, the water pressure in the cleaning room and the suction device will decrease greatly. Through the pressure difference between the filter barrel and the suction tube, the suction between the suction tube and the cleaning room will be generated through the suction nozzle to form a suction process.


At the same time, the electric motor drives the suction pipe to screw along the axis.


The combination of the axial motion and the rotary motion of the filter cleans the whole inner surface of the filter completely. The whole rinsing process only takes tens of seconds. The drain valve closes at the end of cleaning. The filter begins to prepare for the next flushing cycle.


This is the end of this blog. If you need more information about wedge wire cylinder, please leave me a message.



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