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Hydraulic filterHydraulic filterHydraulic filterHydraulic filter

Hydraulic filter

Product: Hydraulic filter element 

Material: SS 304, 316, 316L

Size: Customized

Filtration accuracy: 1 - 200 micron

Application: Hydraulic system

hydraulic oil filters

Hydraulic filter element is the core component of the hydraulic filter.

In addition to the filter element, there are other parts of the hydraulic filter, but they are designed to serve the hydraulic filter element.

Bypass valve:Protect the filter element and reduce the pressure difference.

Transmitter:Alarm for protecting the filter element.

Drain valve: Discharge of contaminated oil to protect the filter element.

Filter housing: Provide space to ensure hydraulic oil pressure to the filter.

The material of the hydraulic filter element

1. Stainless steel weaved wire mesh

Surface filtration

Strong ability to absorb pollution, low flow resistance, high-temperature resistance, high-pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, easy to clean, can be used repeatedly.

2. Metal fiber

Depth filtering

Strong ability to absorb pollution, High efficiency in capturing small particles, good chemical resistance.

3. Polyester

Depth filtering

Strong ability to absorb pollution, low flow resistance.

4. Cotton fiber

Depth filtering

Must be invaded by resin, low price, not water resistant

5. Glass fiber

Depth filtering

Strong ability to absorb pollution, High efficiency in capturing small particles, good chemical resistance.


Zhehan® mainly focuses on the filter element of metal materials, can provide professional customized services.

Hydraulic filter types

hydraulic filter types

hydraulic suction filter

hydraulic return filter

high-pressure hydraulic filter

medium pressure hydraulic filter 


In different positions of the equipment, due to different pressures and effects, the requirements for the filter element are different, and it is necessary to select according to the actual situation.

Filtration accuracy of the hydraulic filter element

1 - 200 micron


The filter element in the hydraulic system, besides filtering accuracy, filtration efficiency is more important.

Filtering accuracy refers to the ability of filters to capture particles. But the particles are not completely spherical, Therefore, the filter can not guarantee the complete removal of the corresponding size particles. So there is the concept of filtering efficiency: beta ratio(β).


β = N1/N2

(N1: Number of particles in hydraulic oil before filtration 

   N2: Number of particles in hydraulic oil after filtration)


The filtering precision required by the filter element in a different position in the hydraulic system is different. We need to select the filter element according to the actual situation.


Our advantages of hydraulic filter element

hydraulic filter element

 Price and quantity

Zhehan is located in the origin of wire mesh products, and we have a wire mesh manufacturing workshop, raw materials can be produced by ourselves, so not only the price of the product is more advantageous, but also can more effectively control the quality of raw materials.

 Tolerance control

We have introduced the most advanced production equipment in the industry, including punching equipment, welding equipment, automatic pleating machine, molybdenum wire cutting equipment, etc. The control of tolerance is at the top level of the industry.

 Cleaning process.

Our cleaning equipment is also developed by us, It is different from ordinary pickling. After cleaning with our special equipment, in addition to the bright surface, also increased the corrosion resistance by about 40%. So our filter has a longer service life than others.

 Technical support

We have more than 20 years of production experience, but also master a large number of technical data, not only can provide you with professional advice, in the process of product use, we will also provide professional technical support to customers.

Stainless steel hydraulic filter element advantages ( VS other materials)

 Structure, high compressive strength

It has a strong structure and strong pressure resistance. However, other materials must be supported under high pressure. The most common supporting layer is the epoxy coated wire mesh . Although the support layer is available, the service life is obviously much lower than that of the stainless steel filter element.

 Easy to clean and reuse

This is the unique advantage of metal material hydraulic filter element. Although its price is more expensive than other materials, its price performance is obviously high.

 Corrosion resistance, good chemical resistance.


Before we buy the filter, and we have to evaluate its filtration characteristics.

1. Filtration accuracy

2. Pollution capacity

3. Flow

4. Filter resistance

5. Strength


Zhehan® is a professional hydraulic filters suppliers. We have rich experience in production and sales. If there are other questions, you can leave a message on the website.


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