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solid liquid separator
  • solid liquid separator
  • solid liquid separator
  • solid liquid separator
  • solid liquid separator
solid liquid separatorsolid liquid separatorsolid liquid separatorsolid liquid separator

solid liquid separator

Product: Solid liquid separator


Power Supply: 380V/50HZ

Weight: 350/450KG

Application: Livestock manure, hemp leaves, distillers' grains dewatering

Package: crate

Solid liquid separator is one of our main products, mainly used on livestock manure dewatering, kitchen waste dewatering, distillers' grains dewatering, pulp dewatering etc.

With the continuous development of large-scale farming, the farmers get greater economic benefits, also produce large amounts of dung water, the dung water is not easy to flow and transport, has caused more serious environmental pollution.

In many solutions to the waste water pollution, it is a better choice to use the spiral extruded solid-liquid separator: low cost and obvious economic benefit.This series of solid liquid separator is a mature  product of our company which has been repeatedly tested and continuously improved.

Characteristics of solid-liquid separator

high automation level

low operating speed

simple operation

easy maintenance

high daily capacity

low power consumption

suitable for continuous operation

Advantage of different series

  1. ZHG series: main parts are made of stainless teel 304, like press screen and screw conveyor, mainly used on pig, cow dung dewatering, chicken manure dewatering, saw dust drying, pulp dewatering and so on.

  2. SSZHG series: material is full of stainless steel 304 or 316/316L, this series are food grade, mainly used on distillers' grains, hemp leaves, food waste, mushroom and crayfish dewatering.

  3. SP series, models 800,1000,1500 or bigger, mainly used on pig and cow dung dewatering, large capacity. It is good at processing the manure with lots of water, for example the proportion of solid and liquid  is 10% and 90%.

About the working principle, technical data and other informations, please refence the follow link:

ZHG and SSZHG series: https://www.zhehanfilter.com/solid-liquid-separator/manure-separator.html

SP series: https://www.zhehanfilter.com/solid-liquid-separator/slant-screen-solid-liquid-separator.html 

Welcome to contact me, if you have any questions about the machine, email or leave message.

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