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Cold Brew Coffee Filter
  • Cold Brew Coffee Filter
  • Cold Brew Coffee Filter
  • Cold Brew Coffee Filter
  • Cold Brew Coffee Filter
Cold Brew Coffee FilterCold Brew Coffee FilterCold Brew Coffee FilterCold Brew Coffee Filter

Cold Brew Coffee Filter

Product: cold brew coffee filter

Material: stainless steel wire mesh

Type: ordinary weave mesh and Dutch weave mesh

Mesh: 100 & 150 (Can be customized)

Use: prevent grounds from entering the coffee

        For 16, 32, 64 OZ, 1 Gallon mason jar

Advantage: Reusable, easy to clean, high strength, no paper filter, environmental protection.

Cold brew coffee filter

Cold Brew Coffee Filter

Do you like cold brew coffee? What kind of drinks do you prefer to entertain guests at home? Cold brew coffee is a good choice! One of the reasons why many friends like to come to my home is the delicious cold brew coffee.

If you don't want to spend money to buy, then making it yourself is a good choice. What tools do I need to prepare?

1. Mason jar

2. Cold brew coffee filter

Zhehan is a professional manufacturer of stainless steel cold brew coffee filter, collaborate with supermarkets around the world and eBay, Amazon stores. The following is our product introduction.


A  Dutch weave mesh

B  ordinary weave mesh

Advantage of A

- strength (B product is easily deformed)

- service life

- ability to retain small sediments

In the comparison of these three aspects, the A product is far superior to the B product.

The advantage of B products is the low price.

We can process both products. As a fan of cold brewed coffee, I recommend selling A products, which are more cost-effective than B products. A high quality of life requires high-quality products.




1.       Put the filter into a wide mouth mason jar

2.       Add your favorite ground coffee into the filter

3.       Add cold water, then put the jar into the refrigerator for 24 hours

4.       Take out the filter

5.       Enjoy your cold brew coffee

6.       Clean the filter




1. Material & Quality

Zhehan is the largest metal filter manufacturer in northern China, fully equipped, experienced production. The factory is located in the origin of the metal wire mesh, and we also have wire mesh production equipment, the great advantage in the price of raw materials and the quality control of products

2. Custom service

In addition to regular products, we can provide you with customized services for various specifications, and provide professional technical support, including product design, drawing and so on.

3. Stock

For regular products, we have plenty of stock all year round, there are great advantages in delivery speed.

4. Cleaning process (Patent technology)

Our products have longer service life compared with other suppliers. This is one of the reasons why we have received recognition from global customers.

It depends entirely on our own cleaning process. It is different from ordinary pickling. After cleaning with our special equipment, in addition to the bright surface, also increased the corrosion resistance by about 40%.


Zhehan provides customized services for global customers, there are plenty of stocks throughout the year. For traders around the world as well as eBay, Amazon stores have price concessions, any questions and inquiries are welcome to leave a message on the website.


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