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Application of stainless steel filter element in power plant

May. 20, 2019

The three main types of equipment of thermal power plant are composed of boiler system, steam turbine system and generator system. The state requires that the pollutants in power plant should be discharged to zero, so the treatment of the pollutants in power plant should be higher.


In addition, the water treatment system of the power plant is also a complex treatment system. The water of power plant is generally required to be recycled and reused, and the water filtration treatment also needs a lot of filtering equipment.


The stainless steel filter element is widely used in power plants. It mainly includes:


Stainless steel folding filter element

Stainless steel wedge wire filter element

Stainless steel sintered filter

Stainless steel basket filter


Brief Introduction of Main Work Flow


1. Coal transport trains and unloaders (also known as dumpers): In some thermal power plants, trains are used to transport coal with high capacity, large capacity, and low cost. However, unloaders are equipped with unloaders. The unloaders dump the coals in the compartments into the coal yard, mainly driven by hydraulic system, and most of the filters are hydraulic oil filters.


For example, the hydraulic filter element of dumper clamp oil station, the hydraulic filter element of dumper suction oil, the air filter element of the dumper, etc., there is no dumper in some power plants when coal is transported by car.


2. Bucket Wheel Machine: The purpose is to dig coal from the coal yard onto the belt conveyor, whose shape is a long arm excavator that can rotate. The machine system is mainly driven by hydraulic oil, mainly using hydraulic system filters. For example, the filter element of bucket wheel machine pitching hydraulic station, the filter element of bucket wheel machine luffing oil station, and the air filter element of bucket wheel machine pitching hydraulic station.

3. Belt conveyor: The function is to transport coal, belt tension device is it's main additional, through the hydraulic oil system to provide power to the hydraulic cylinder of the tension device, using the filter element in the hydraulic oil system.


4. Pulverizer: Pulverize coal into pulverized coal to realize the complete combustion of coal as far as possible. The coal mill in thermal power plant belongs to large equipment and is installed in the room driven by a large motor. After the coal-fired block passes through the mill, it enters the sieving equipment, the big coal block is recycled and re-crushed, and the fine powder is sent into the coal bunker.


Its main oil systems are hydraulic oil system and lubricating oil system, such as filter element of high-pressure oil station of coal mill, the filter element of high-pressure oil station of coal mill, the filter element of decelerating oil cooler of coal mill, the lubricating oil filter element of the main shaft of coal mill, etc.


5. Coal Bunker Feeder: Pulverized coal from the mill is fed into the bunker by the silo belt conveyor, and then supplied to the boiler by the coal feeder. The coal feeder sends the pulverized coal into the middle of the boiler and sprays it. The primary fan blows the pulverized coal into the combustion chamber by convection with the pulverized coal through the bottom of the boiler. It mainly uses a lubricating oil filter element.


6. Boiler system: Boiler is one of the three main engines of the power plant and the heart of the power plant. There are three cycles through the boiler system: pulverized coal is burned to be discharged into coal ash; water is transported to the steam turbine through the boiler; the air is mixed into smoke and dust through the boiler.


Boiler air mainly has several fans: primary fan, secondary fan (also known as a blower), induced draft fan.


The primary fan is used to make pulverized coal and convey pulverized coal into the furnace with high pressure and low flow rate (compared with the supply fan); the secondary fan is used to provide sufficient oxygen to help combustion in the furnace, with low wind pressure and large flow rate; both of them are in front of the furnace, and the inducer fan is used in front of the back chimney of the boiler to extract smoke and dust from the furnace, so that the furnace produces negative pressure, which is supplemented by the secondary sub-machine.


The air of the primary fan and the secondary fan is heated by air preheater. It mainly includes primary fan air filter element, primary fan lubricating oil station filter element, primary fan hydraulic oil station filter element, primary fan lubricating oil station breathing valve, air preheater filter element, induced fan air filter, induced fan lubricating oil filter element and so on.


In addition, there is a fire detection fan, whose main function is to supply air to the combustion monitoring probe in the furnace, to prevent the probe from overheating, mainly using the filter element of the fire detection fan. The supercharged fan is arranged in the flue system after the boiler induced draft fan. Each furnace is equipped with a supercharged fan. The function of the supercharged fan is to overcome the resistance of flue gas system equipment and flue duct in the FGD unit and provide power for flue gas entering the desulfurization unit.


The speed of the fan is constant, but in the process of operation, the rotor blade angle of the fan can be adjusted by the hydraulic oil system, so that the air volume can be adjusted according to the performance requirements of the boiler system. Similarly, the hydraulic oil filter, the lubricant filter and the air filter of the booster fan are used.


Boiler water is mainly supplied by electric feedwater pumps, including electric coupler filters, lubricating oil filters of feedwater pumps, boiler water and a set of water supply systems, which are also provided by water pumps, including the filtration of boiler feedwater pumps. In order to prevent the fouling of boiler water from attaching to the inner wall of the boiler and causing the boiler to overheat and explosion, the boiler and backwash filtration of feedwater pumps, etc.


Coal-fired by the boiler is fed into the furnace by a primary fan and burned into coal ash with the help of a secondary fan. Turbidity in the overheated air enters the dust removal filter under the negative pressure generated by the induced draft fan. Before coal entering the furnace, some limestone pulverized coal will be mixed in to absorb the sulfide after coal combustion and reduce the pollution of flue gas. The filter bags are mainly used in ash and sulfur removal filters, which are widely used in power plants. The filtered dust is then transported through the dredger, which also contains hydraulic oil filters, lubricating oil filters and so on. The air filtered by several filters is discharged into the chimney by an induced draft fan.



Boiler water: Boiler water supply is mainly supplied by the electric feed water pump. In addition to steam boiler water, the power provided by the pump enters the cooling tower for cooling (cooling tower: tall buildings with large ends and thin middle in the power plant). After cooling, water treatment is recycled.


The water of chemical water treatment in power plant mainly comes from the water containing chemical composition after ash removal and sulfur removal. Its main process is chemical wastewater storage tank oxidation tank reaction tank pH adjustment tank mixing tank coagulation clarification tank water quality monitoring coal ash water system.


The sludge discharged from the bottom of the clarifier is concentrated in the concentration tank and then sent to the sludge dewatering for dehydration. The sludge cake is transported to the dry ash yard by car for storage. Clearwater is returned to the wastewater storage tank.


A large number of water filter elements, such as wire wound filter element and melt blown filter element, will be used in the process.  


Turbine: The main principle is to use boiler steam to drive the impeller to rotate and drive the generator to generate electricity. It is mainly a large-scale mechanical energy conversion equipment. The filters used are mainly hydraulic oil filters and lubricating oil filters. The steam of the steam turbine is cooled by the condenser to form liquid water discharged into the water circulation system. Turbine oil is often used in steam turbines. It is also the name of hydraulic oil. The energy conversion machines in power plants can be called turbines. Turbine oil is used.


Generator: Generating electricity by magnetic induction theory. The generator mainly uses lubricating oil filter, which requires high precision.


The workflow of the power plant is briefly described. The main equipment and equipment used in the power plant are filters. The power plant is a huge system, a small system is more complex, the filter used involves oil filter, air filter, water filter, and the use is quite large. Non-standard parts are often encountered in the filter element of the power plant, which requires on-site surveying and mapping to determine the type and size.


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