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May. 16, 2019

ZHEHAN has become the largest exporter of solid liquid separators in northern China. From January 2019 to April 2019, the export volume of solid liquid separators has reached 235 units, respectively:


Pig manure separator: 93 sets

Cow manure separator: 75 sets

Chicken manure separator: 33 sets

Sludge Separator: 34 sets


After one year's upgrade of the technical department, our star product inclined screen separator is also on the market.


The advantage of this product is that it has high treatment efficiency for the excrement or sludge with high water content, which makes up for the weak links in our production chain.

Unlike similar products on the market at present, all our spare parts have been perfected in controlling the quality of details.

I believe it will bring great surprise to our customers.


To meet the needs of global customers and our pursuit of branding, ZHEHAN spends more than $2 million per year on research and development.

Our R&D investment has brought us the recognition of global customers. At present, we have become the largest exporter of separators in China. At the same time, we thank our customers for their trust in us.


This product I will write a separate detailed product introduction, including its use, detailed technical parameters information, installation, use and maintenance, advantages, etc., please keep an eye on my blog.


In order to meet the needs of global users, we will also add a separator production line, which will greatly improve our delivery speed. We expect delivery within 5 days. Yes, you're right. It only takes 5 days.


Many customers want to see the actual photos of our machinery and equipment. In order to meet your needs, I will use this blog as a physical display album of our separator equipment products.

Every time we ship, we take photos. Due to Snow's limited time, I will upload these pictures to this blog within a month.


ZHEHAN manure separator brand is currently looking for agents worldwide if interested companies can contact us. Contact email: info@zhanfilter.com.


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