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How to find a capsule sinker and dissolution basket manufacturer

Dec. 04, 2018

The capsule sinker is a tool often used by pharmaceutical companies. Today, Snow will introduce you how to find a real dissolution capsule sinker supplier(in China).


Why did I write this article?


I got a call from a Singapore customer this morning, this customer told me about his experience of importing a dissolution capsule sinker .

He is a trader of dissolution equipment and has been trying to import dissolution equipment accessories from China since 2017(Of course, the reason is that Chinese goods are very cheap).

In a year, he has purchased dissolution baskets and capsule sinker from five suppliers.

But the result is unfortunate, no one has met his requirements in terms of product quality, delivery speed, and expertise. After the investigation, it was found that none of the five suppliers were manufacturers.

Is it so difficult to find a manufacturer of such products in China?

Yes, but please be patient with me and you will get inspiration.


What is a capsule sinker?


- dissolution sinker (Another well-known name)

- small filter basket

- dissolution test for capsules (Stainless steel 316 material is the most common)

- made of stainless steel wire

- Meets US Pharmacopoeia standards


Yes, this is a very simple product.


How to find a capsule sinker manufacturer?


Please note that the following is the core content of this article.


1. Which type of manufacturer should we look for?


As we all know, there is no special manufacturer to produce this product. If your search keyword is the manufacturer of the dissolution accessories, you can't find the manufacturer of it.

This product is essentially a stainless steel wire mesh product. Made of stainless steel wire, then it is produced through welding, surface treatment and other processes.

So what you really need to look for is a metal filter element manufacturer. Because this product has the same production equipment as the metal filter basket(I described it a bit complicated, in fact, it is essentially a metal filter basket).


2. Can all metal filter manufacturers produce?



In fact, there are not many manufacturers that can produce metal filter elements. Among them, there is a production process of the dissolution capsule sinker, and the production experience is even rarer.

I conservatively estimate that there are absolutely no more than five(This is the truth).


3. How to judge whether it is a manufacturer


I offer a few simple methods 

- Product Image(PS is very powerful, you have to distinguish it carefully)

- Provide technical parameters

In fact, there are no complicated technical parameters. Just let the supplier provide some basic information such as wire diameter, aperture, mesh number, and material.

- Production equipment photo


Today's article is over here. If you have any other questions about this product, please leave a message.


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