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Manure separator for cattle farm

Nov. 29, 2018

Manure separator - Create more economic value for cattle farms 

Today Snow tells you how to create more economic value by using Manure separator in cattle farm.

It seems that people all over the world like beef very much, Snow likes it, too. Even in China, where beef cattle farming is relatively backward, large-scale cattle farms have become a trend.


Large-scale cattle farms are bound to face a problem - the treatment of beef manure.


1. Environmental pollution, living under the unpleasant smell all the time

2. Difficult to transport


At this time, you can try to use the manure separator.

Different animal manure requires different equipment for treatment and dehydration. ZHEHAN designed a perfect separator for the cattle farm, for more information, please visit our product page: Manure Separator.


How does our cow dung drying machine increase the economic benefits for cattle farms?


Solving the troubles caused by cattle manure is the first step, more importantly, we need to turn the cow dung that bothers us into money.


1. Fermentation to produce biogas

This is one of the most common applications. Concentrate the cow dung after being processed by the cow dung drying machine, fermentation to produce biogas and conversion to electrical energy.

In the process of biogas production, pathogenic microorganisms and parasite eggs can be killed without secondary pollution to the environment and the fermentation residue can also be used as fertilizer.

2. Made into a feed

Processing by manure separator, fertilizer for fish culture.

3. Planting mushrooms

Using cow dung mixed with rice straw as substrate to grow mushrooms.

Cooperation with mushroom-growing farms, I'm sure they like cheap fertilizers. A lot of cow dung on the Internet to grow mushrooms, learn how to make and use a high value of cow dung.

4. Processing organic fertilizer.

Those who have the strength can be processed into cowhide and made into organic fertilizer, which is mainly sold to ecological plantations, orchards and flower plantations. Cow dung is a treasure for rural people, but with the country’s efforts to improve the environment.

5. Drying as a warming object.

The heat of cattle dung is high, the burning smoke is small, and it is basically smoke-free. Therefore, the cow dung squeezed out by the cow dung processor can be collected and dried for sale to farmers for burning or contacting some fixed boilers.

Of course, this method does not require a separator.


For the separator, if there are other problems, you can leave a message for snow. I will answer your questions every week.


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