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Chicken manure dryer

Oct. 29, 2018

Chicken manure dryer

ZHEHAN brand chicken manure dryer - Best solution for manure disposal in the chicken farm


Unlike other animal feces, chicken manure disposal has always been a difficult problem, a year ago this problem also troubled us.


To solve this problem, produce qualified chicken manure dryer, we must first find the problem. We settled on a large chicken farm for a month and found some of the reasons.


- The growth time of broilers is very short. Especially chicken farms in China, it takes only 45 days for a broiler to go from young to adult, some will be shorter. In order to ensure the speed of growth, a large number of nutrients will be added to the feed. So the problem arises, nutrition cannot be absorbed completely, the excrement will be very sticky. It will be very difficult to use chicken manure dryer to dehydrate.


- Chickens drink a lot of water every day, but chickens do not have urination systems. Urine will be excreted together with excrement. This has also caused the suffering of handling.


Of course, there are other reasons. I will not explain them one by one.

After three months of product upgrading, we finally solved this problem(All parts of the equipment are independently produced, enabling us to adjust each part). Because of the core technology of the company, I will not describe it in detail here. Now I can say with pride, about chicken manure dryer, We have huge advantages.


Why choose ZHEHAN chicken manure dryer


- High-quality

- High-cost performance

- Small size and high efficiency

- Easy installation and maintenance

- Product customization, drawing

- Big data technology support


If you have other questions to leave us a message, we have technicians who will give you the most professional advice.


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