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Manure dewatering machine

Nov. 01, 2018

Manure dewatering machine

Manure dewatering machine

Why do we need manure dewatering machine

First of all, we discuss why we need to dehydrate excrement.


- After dehydration, transportation is more convenient. Transportation of feces that are not processed is quite troublesome.

- Solid waste after dehydration can sell for a better price. This is what makes me the happiest

- The separated liquid feces can be directly discharged into the biogas digester, the efficiency is very high.

Most importantly, the biogas digester will not be blocked, The service life of the biogas digester is prolonged.

- Farm waste can be processed into fertilizer after dehydration.

- It can be used directly to improve soil quality.

- Dehydrated feces can be used to raise earthworms, grow mushrooms, feed fish, etc.

Everything that can create economic value makes me happy.


How to choose manure dewatering machine

- Choose a real manufacturer

This is the most important. Buying the separator is to bring economic value and to deal with the fecal problem that makes us headache, not creating problems for us.

Don't buy from a trader, because it will be difficult to solve problems.


- Easy installation and maintenance

Under normal circumstances, if it is not a large-volume purchase, the manufacturer will not install it for you. If the manure dewatering machine is very difficult to install, trust me, you will regret buying it.

I once had a customer who bought two devices from China and had problems installing it. It’s still not working properly, it’s really bad.


- After sales service

Yes, this is also very important.

I suggest that you add specific after-sales terms to your contract before you buy. You will be glad that the original decision


I did not talk about the price of the product. The price is not important, what you need is a product that can stably create economic value for you and solve your problem.


For the selection of high-quality manure dewatering machine, you may not have much experience, here is the easiest way - Buy our Zhehan brand products, We provide manure solutions for users around the world!

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