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Cow dung as bus fuel in India

Dec. 24, 2018

“Cow dung” Bus in India

I am very familiar with Indian, I go there almost every year to visit my clients. Our products are very popular in the Indian market, including stainless steel filters and manure separator (cow dung drying machine) for the farm.

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I read a news about the Indian bus – Cow dung bus

New Delhi, the capital of India, has promoted new buses. This type of bus can use cow dung as a fuel, which greatly saves operating costs.

I was shocked when I saw the news. The cow dung can be a valuable commodity after being treated by cow dung drying machine, as a manufacturer of solid-liquid separators for farm use, we know the value of farm manure very well. The most common uses are:

- Crop Fertilizer

- Ornamental plant fertilizer

- Fish Farm Fertilizer

- Biogas production

But it's the first time I've heard about using it as fuel for buses.

This energy-efficient bus is very popular in India, and it does save a lot of costs and bring convenience to people. Perhaps inspired by this, Indians say they will also use cows to bake water heaters, cook meals and so on.

At present, all countries in the world are actively studying energy development projects. Various new energy sources or energy-saving energy sources emerge in endlessly. And cow dung as India's "specialty" has naturally been the biggest research, now cow dung can not only provide power for Indian buses but also provide gas for residents in the future.

Naturally, the Indian people were encouraged by the news. Local media even said that the technology was at least 10 years ahead of the whole of Asia. India's new bus fare is also very low, just 0.1 RMB. It's one-twentieth of our bus fare in China, of course, maybe it smells a little bad.

Every running bus consumes 8 tons of cow dung fuel a day, which can really solve the problem of excessive cow dung on roads in small Indian cities and villages.


I believe that there will be more use of cow dung in the future.


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