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cow dung dewatering machine

Feb. 13, 2019

cow dung dewatering machine

For more detailed information and pictures, please refer to the product page: Cow dung drying machine


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Today's theme is our superior product: Cow dung dewatering machine

Cow dung dewatering machine technical parameter

Product: cow dung dewatering machine


Power Supply: 380V/50HZ

Size: 1.8×0.8×1.07m

Weight: 370KG

Power (electric motor): 4/5.5/7.5KW

Pump power: 1.5/3kw

Application: Manure management

Package: Wooden box


Why is the cow dung dewatering machine imported from China ineffective?


I don't want to offend my peer company, it's a very sensitive topic, so forgive me, I can't say all the questions.


The function of the cow dung dewatering machine is to separate the solid and liquid from the cow manure. It is difficult to separate cow dung because of its high moisture content, rich crude fibers, and stickiness(of course, it's much simpler than chicken manure).

Flat extrusion, centrifugal dehydration, and general spiral dehydration cannot achieve ideal results.


There is another major reason.


Many Chinese manufacturers do not take into account the differences in the composition of cow manure in other countries. 

Cattle may be fed differently in different countries, different feeding conditions and management lead to the different composition of cattle feces. This is not my personal point of view. Many of our agents have tested this point through experiments.


When designing our cow dung dewatering machine, we took into account the situation of cow dung in different countries, our cow dung dewatering machine is very efficient in all countries.


Difficulties in cow dung treatment and the functional characteristics of our cow dung dewatering machine.


The Main Reasons for the Difficulty of Cattle Manure Treatment


- High water content (up to 70%-80%)

- Crude fibers are plentiful and very sticky

- Accumulation covers a large area

- Grass in dung is easily ventilated and not suitable for fermentation

- Low fertilizer efficiency, especially in winter, can only be accumulated

- Farmers are not interested in cow dung as fertilizer


Every cow produces about 50 kg of feces and urine per day, which is very large. There are more than 1000 cattle in a specialized cattle farming village, Nissan cow manure is 50t.


In order to achieve the capacity of 50 tons per day, we believe that the solid-liquid separation of wet cow manure is necessary, only by dividing and treating it, can we effectively treat and utilize cow dung, which is the waste of animal husbandry.


The main function of the cow dung dewatering machine designed by us is to separate cow manure from liquid and solid under different conditions.

Separated cow dung can be used as a culture medium for edible fungi, mushrooms, or converted into organic manure and burning blocks.

The separated liquid is fermented to produce organic fertilizer and then used in agricultural production.


Therefore, the separation of solid and liquid from cow manure not only reduces land occupancy and pollution, but also eradicates water pollution, and makes the wastes of farming industry be comprehensively treated and utilized, thus forming a low-carbon environmental protection effect.


The working principle of cow dung dewatering machine


- Material cow dung is evenly added from the feeding box. After feeding, cow dung moves along the axis driven by the spiral rotating blade.

- In the process of advancing, cow dung is affected by changing pitch and adjusting baffle, forming huge extrusion force, so that cow dung is dehydrated by the dehydrator under the action of external force.

- Water is discharged at the outlet through the screen, and the dehydrated material is discharged at the outlet.

This is how the cow dung dewatering machine works.


Therefore, the design of the cow dung dewatering machine is the key part, and its design is directly related to the efficiency and effect of solid-liquid separation of cow manure.


Generally speaking, the design of the screw is divided into three stages.


- Feeding section

- Compression section

- Homogenizing section


Cow dung nutrient


The final content is the nutrients of cow dung.


With the rapid development of dairy farming, cow manure production is increasing, it not only seriously pollutes the surrounding environment but also has a great impact on human and animal health.

How to utilize cow dung resources effectively and reasonably, that is to say, to carry out the corresponding resource research, has been paid more and more attention by scholars at home and abroad.


Cow dung itself is a good biomass resource. Like other animal manure, cow manure also contains a lot of mineral elements and rich nutrients.

Cow dung is a kind of late-acting fertilizer with fine texture, more water content, slow decomposition, and low calorific value.

In terms of nutrient content, most of the mineral elements and nutrients in cow manure are lower than those in other animal manure, and the organic matter content is similar to chicken manure. Only crude fiber, crude ash, and nitrogen-free extract are relatively high.


But its output is high and the total amount is large, so the total amount of mineral elements and nutrients is relatively large.


Through different treatment technologies and processes, a variety of harmless, resource-based and high-efficiency value-added products can be produced, and good economic and social benefits can be obtained while preventing and controlling environmental pollution.


Current Situation of Utilization of Cattle Manure Biomass Resources


The purpose of cattle manure as biomass resource treatment is to make it harmless, reduce and recycle, and to maximize the acceptability of the environment and economic feasibility.


With the development of the economy and the improvement of environmental protection requirements, there are many methods to treat livestock and poultry excrement at home and abroad. In production, those methods with low investment, low operation cost, and high added value are generally welcomed.


Today's content is over here. In the next month, I will continue to update the technical content of the cow dung dewatering machine.


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