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cow dung processing machine

Feb. 14, 2019

Continue to introduce the knowledge of cow dung processing machine today.

For more detailed information and pictures, please refer to the product page: Cow dung drying machine


Recently, there are many clients who ask questions about the cow dung processing machine. Several of my colleagues and salesmen have suggested that I write more blogs about the cow dung processing machine. 

That's why I wrote this blog.


Brief introduction of cow dung processing machine




The machine can be widely used as chicken, cattle, pig and various intensive farms to separate the pulp from animal pulp, animal waste, distiller's grains, medicine residue, starch residue, sauce residue, and slaughterhouse.




This series of machine slag liquid separation speed is fast, the water content of the separated manure slag is between 30-40%, the slag yield and water content can be adjusted, it can be applied to different components of feed (such as grass and concentrate feed), easy to transport, its solid is very suitable for fish feed and organic fertilizer raw materials.




This series of machines have strong decontamination ability, no clogging, and easy cleaning. The solid content, chemical oxygen consumption, total oxygen consumption, nitrogen, and phosphorus removal rate of treated feces and urine water can be between 70 and 95%.




The screen mesh and winch of this series of machines are made of nickel alloy steel and high strength carbon steel. They are corrosion resistant, high strength, and long service life.


Economical efficiency


This series has a high degree of automation, low power consumption, and low price. It is easy to operate by pressing the start-stop button.


Product maintenance


In normal use, the screen should be cleaned every five months. When cleaning, open the observation port on the main engine and pour in clean water to wash it.


Cow dung processing machine working principle


The cow manure and manure water are sent to the cow dung processing machine. The solid substances are separated by extrusion through the spiral shaft placed in the screen, and the liquid is flowed out from the outlet through the screen.


Main features


The separator has the characteristics of small size, low speed, simple operation, convenient installation, maintenance, low cost, high efficiency, fast investment recovery, and no need to add any flocculant.


The separator is made of stainless steel with high strength helical shaft, corrosion resistant alloy double helical blade, and screen. The helical blade is manganese treated, which is twice the service life of other similar products.


It is used for solid-liquid separation of mother liquor after fermentation. The separated biogas residue has a moisture content of less than 30-40% and solid-liquid separation of feces.


The machine can be widely used as a kind of intensive farm for separating high concentration organic wastewater such as animal manure, distiller's grains, drug residue, starch residue, soy sauce residue, and slaughterhouse.


Application of cow dung treated by cow dung processing machine


1. The dried cow manure dehydrated and separated by cow manure separator is almost odorless, and has little stickiness. It can be used directly as fertilizer or as mattress material for cattle.

2. The dried cow manure dehydrated and separated by cow manure separator was mixed with straw chaff and stirred sufficiently, then fermented by bacteria, and granulated into compound organic fertilizer.

3. At the same time, it can be made into pellet feed, which is a good feed for fish.

4. Fertilizing flowers/special cash crops can transform the organic matter of the soil.

5. Additional economic benefits can be achieved by selling organic fertilizers.

6. Instead of coal as fuel, the combustion value can reach 5000 calories. The effect is very ideal, and the economic cost is only one-tenth of that of coal.


Treatment Scheme of Cattle Manure in Mature Cattle Farm


At present, most of the barns in large-scale cattle farms are cement-hardened ground. In order to separate dry manure from urine and sewage, it is necessary to equip mechanical dung cleaning equipment in the barn to carry out harmless treatment, improve resource utilization and reduce labor costs.


Following, this paper introduces several harmless treatment technologies of cow manure in cattle farms, including artificial dung, semi-mechanical dung, scraper dung and cow manure composting fermentation. Farmers can choose their own treatment and utilization methods according to the actual situation.


1. Artificial


Manual use of shovels, shovels, brooms, etc. to collect manure into piles and transport it to dung yard or directly to farmland is a common method of dung cleaning in small-scale cattle farms.

The feeder regularly cleans the cow dung on the cement floor of the house manually, without equipment investment, simple and flexible, but the worker's work intensity is high, the environment is poor, and the work efficiency is low.


2. Semi-mechanical scavenging


Semi-mechanical dung truck and tractor are converted into dung truck, or special dung truck and small loader are purchased for dung cleaning.


At present, the forklift truck dung cleaning process is widely used, which is a transitional way from manual dung to mechanical dung.


The dung forklift truck is refitted from a small loader. The dung pushing part makes use of waste tires to make a dung scraper, which is convenient to replace and compact and flexible.


The breeder drives to scrape the dung from the dung passage to the side of the cowshed and collects it.


3. Scraper


The newly built large-scale cattle farm mainly uses the scraper to clear dung. The system is mainly composed of scraper and power device.


When cleaning manure, the power device drives the scraper along the floor of the cattle bed through a chain. The scraper pushes the ground cattle manure into the cattle dung ditch or to the side of the cattle shed.


The equipment investment is not high. When the length of the cowshed is 100 to 120 meters and 200 to 240 meters, the efficiency of the equipment is the highest. The power consumption of the equipment is not more than 18 degrees per day. Only the angle wheel needs lubrication maintenance (interval of 2 weeks to 3 weeks).


This method can clear dung at any time. It has simple mechanical operation, safe and reliable operation, moderate scraper height and running speed, little noise, and no impact on cattle walking, feeding and rest.


Scraperboard does not need special installation foundation, whether new or old cowshed, the installation of equipment is very convenient, can be called the most suitable "low carbon" waste treatment system for cattle farms.


The content of the cow dung processing machine is written here today.


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