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Disposal of different farm animal manure by manure separator

Dec. 10, 2018

Manure separator  application


In the era of green environmental protection, how to deal with livestock manure as a vexing headache in the aquaculture industry and how to solve the environmental pollution caused by manure will become a major problem in the aquaculture industry.


The new solid liquid separator developed by our company separates animal excrement from wet and dry. The separated excrement has almost no odor. It can also be used as fish feed. It is suitable to grow vegetables, flowers, and tea as fertilizer.


Not only is it convenient to transport, but the separated wastewater also enters the biogas tank or is reused as a liquid fertilizer.


Brief Introduction of manure separator


The new type solid-liquid separator with screw extrusion is mainly composed of the main engine, non-clogging pump, control cabinet, pipeline and other equipment.

The main parts are the body, drum screen, extrusion winch, deceleration motor, counterweight, and unloading device.

It can be widely used as pig, chicken, cattle, horse and various intensive farms to separate pulp, animal manure, distiller's grains, medicine residue, starch residue, sauce residue, slaughterhouse, and other high concentration organic wastewater.


Treatment of different farm manure


1. Pig manure treatment

It can deal with water flushing, blistering and dry dung. Pig manure is treated by this machine, which is convenient for transportation. The dewatered pig manure can be directly added with bacterial fermentation organic fertilizer. After solid-liquid separation and dewatering, the pig manure is fluffy, viscous and odor are reduced.


2. Chicken manure treatment

Chicken manure can be directly manufactured by extrusion, filtration, and dewatering. The treated chicken manure is fluffy and can be further dried quickly after spreading out. Generally, 20-50% water can be removed in one day at room temperature. After treatment, chicken manure can be loaded and bagged for easy transportation. Chicken manure can also be used as fish pond fertilizer and fish feed.


3. Cow manure treatment

After the cow dung is extruded and dehydrated, the cow dung can be used to produce organic fertilizer, which can be used for cattle mattress material, mushrooms and earthworms. If our company's cow dung fuel compactor is used, cow dung can be converted into high-density fuel, which can replace coal, increase the added value of cow dung and produce good economic benefits.


4. Duck manure treatment

The fresh duck dung is rich in crude protein by treating duck dung. It can be used as regenerated feed and can feed fish, loach, mussel, aquatic products, etc. It not only alleviates the shortage of feed in China but also creates high economic benefits for duck farms. For the duck dung which is clear every month, it can be separated, and the solid duck dung can be used as solid fertilizer for transportation.


5. Solid-liquid separation of biogas residue

The solid-liquid separation of biogas residue and biogas liquid after biogas fermentation was carried out. It can be used to separate biogas slurry fermented by livestock manure, straw, and other organic substances. Through separation, it is convenient for the transportation and use of biogas slurry, the extraction, and transportation of biogas slurry, and the use as liquid fertilizer.


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