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How to turn farm manure into organic manure

Dec. 11, 2018

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How to deal with farm manure has always been a problem that plagues farmers' friends. Direct application to crops will hurt crops, but it is counterproductive, and the smell is not conducive to environmental protection. Now there is a way to turn environmentally-friendly aquaculture manure into the green. Organic fertilizer, sales of fertilizer can get a considerable fee.


Without pigs, cattle, chicken manure smell, more organic fertilizer, using a "combination boxing" to achieve "low-carbon farming", located in ZHEHAN, faster development, fewer resources, and Pigs, cattle, chicken manure, and agricultural fertilizers can turn waste into treasure.


To make chicken manure better into organic fertilizer, the most important step is to ferment chicken manure at high temperature.

There are many ways of animal excrement processing, including physical method, chemical method, microbial fermentation method, and comprehensive method. The foreign method and soil method, ancient and modern methods coexist, each has its own advantages and disadvantages and should be adapted to local conditions.

The traditional method of manure fermentation as fertilizer is to let it accumulate and ferment naturally for 5 to 6 months and feed for about 20 days or a month. This odor emits, which not only pollutes the environment but also causes a large loss of nutrients.

The treatment of feces by microbial fermentation can not only accelerate the fermentation process, shorten the fermentation time, prevent waste and improve the nutritive value of feces, but also can produce feces by fermentation at a temperature to dry them, saving energy consumption, low cost, simple operation and easy promotion, so it is welcomed by users. The method is suitable for treating chicken manure, pig manure, cow and sheep manure, duck manure, quail manure, rabbit manure, pigeon manure, and other animal manure.


To achieve this goal:


Fermentation with strains: When the dryness of chicken manure has reached the point where it can be piled up, pile chicken manure into a pile. If conditions permit, cover the chicken manure pile with a plastic sheet to prevent water from excessive loss, and then wait for the chicken manure to heat up naturally. When the temperature inside the chicken manure rises to about 70 degrees Celsius, spread the chicken manure out, and then cool it again. Pile up. After 2 - 3 times, when the chicken manure heap is not warmed to above 50 degrees Celsius, the fermentation is completed. Chicken manure is also converted into organic fertilizer. If you really don't want to turn over the chicken manure heap, it will take a long time to ferment, about three months, and the quality of organic fertilizer will also decline. And the pile-up can be completed in about 15-20 days.


Of course, the premise is that you have a manure separator .

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