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Working principle of manure separator for farms - ZHEHAN

Dec. 10, 2018

These two days are an important stage in the development of our new products, so I have not updated my blog.


In the past two days, I received several emails from customers and asked many questions, including:


- Manure separator cost

- How to install the manure separator 

- How to deal with chicken manure

- Working principle


For information on how to handle chicken manure, please see my previous article:


In this article, I mainly explain how the manure separator works.


- Inhaling animal manure into the separator by the pump

- Push forward through the screw blade

- During the propulsion process, the water flows out of the drum screen. and when it is pushed to the tail of the machine, there is a squeeze, which will squeeze out the water to achieve the purpose of dehydration


In order to grasp the speed and water content of the discharge, the weights below the solid-liquid separator can be adjusted to achieve a satisfactory and appropriate discharge state. The use of spiral extrusion type solid liquid separator has high automation level, simple operation, easy maintenance, large daily processing capacity, low power consumption, and is suitable for continuous operation. Its key components are made of stainless steel. The weight of the whole machine is nearly half a ton and the outer shape is small. It is an ideal solid-liquid separation equipment for large-scale pig farms, which can greatly improve solid-liquid separation and benefits.


But at the same time, there are strict requirements on the drainage technology, environmental characteristics, the volume and structure of the dunk tank, the drop of the dung ditch and many other factors. Firstly, there is a minimum requirement for the separated material, which should be the unfermented manure. The extrusion separator needs to build a manure tank to store the manure from the technical requirements. If it is found that the concentration of wastewater to be separated is too thin and the solidified matter content is less than 3%, the use of extrusion opportunity greatly reduces the discharge efficiency.


In order to improve the efficiency of solid-liquid separation, it is necessary to build a 30-40 cubic meter sedimentation tank in front of the storage tank, which is slightly higher than the storage tank. There are overflows above the tank so that the thinner wastewater can overflow from the high level, and the bottom of the tank will deposit more concentrated materials accordingly. Then the extrusion separator will work again. The discharging speed can be greatly increased.


The working principle of the manure separator has been finished. I hope everyone can understand it. If there is any problem, please leave a message for me.


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