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Eco-farm and manure separation

Dec. 17, 2018

Eco-farm is the trend of future development.

Farmers in China did not have this concept in the past few years. Reluctant to spend thousands of dollars on manure separation  equipment, with more and more attention paid to environmental protection, ecological aquaculture is becoming more and more popular.


Today's article is based on a true story.


The protagonist is a medium-sized farm in China. In order to protect the privacy of this farm, I use "A farm" instead.


"The treatment of farming manure is a difficult problem, which can not be handled by oneself, and the environment cannot be polluted by employers. The construction of ZHEHAN manure separation  has thoroughly solved the problem of chicken manure treatment." The head of A FARM said in an interview.


A brief introduction to FARM


The total investment is USD5 million, covering an area of 50,000 square meters, with 100,000 laying hens in stock and an annual egg production of more than 28 million.


While enlarging the scale of the farming year by year, A farm increased investment in environmental protection and introduced advanced technology, which effectively solved the problem of manure treatment.

This year, the A Farm invested in USD7000 and introduced several chicken manure separation equipment from ZHEHAN Company. The farm manure was used to process organic manure. The harmless treatment and resource utilization of chicken manure was realized in situ. The manure produced by some farms around the farm could also be absorbed, the capacity of manure treatment was increased, and the chain of recycling industry was extended.


They mainly deal with chicken manure, chicken manure is the most difficult to deal with poultry manure, I'll talk about the reasons here.


Why chicken manure is difficult to treat?

- Manure separation for chicken manure


1. Chickens have a short digestive tract and poor digestive ability. About 40% of the feed intake cannot be completely digested.

2. Chicken manure contains a large number of undigested and available nutrients, and layers have high feeding density, high relative intake, and high fecal output.

Each chicken produces about 48 kg of chicken manure per year, of which nearly 13.7 kg of dry matter is produced. According to the calculation of 100,000 laying hens on A farm, more than 4700 tons of chicken manure can be produced every year.


"Combination of breeding and breeding" - Manure separation


"Combination of planting and breeding" is a form of eco-circular agriculture. Through the combination of "planting and breeding", a sound industrial chain is formed, it can not only purify and treat animal manure but also improve the economic benefits of the farm.


Chicken manure organic fertilizer has high nitrogen content, abundant humic acid, and contains a large number of organic matter and trace elements. It has the advantages of pollution-free, pollution-free, long-term fertilizer effect, strong seedlings and disease resistance, soil improvement, yield improvement, and crop quality improvement.


A chicken farm plans to store 200,000 laying hens by 2020, with sales of 20 million yuan and production of 5,200 tons of organic fertilizer.

In order to extend the industrial chain and improve the industrial efficiency, the farm will further accelerate the construction of "industrial system, production system, and management system" and actively promote the use of organic fertilizer, supported by industrial policies.


Of course, everything is a change from the manure separation .


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