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Fertilizer after treatment of manure by solid liquid separator

Dec. 17, 2018

It is well known that the manure separator  can process farm manure into fertilizer for crops, but what we need to pay attention to is that different animal manure can be processed into different crop fertilizers.


This article will talk about these different kinds of fertilizers in detail.


As the most common organic fertilizer, farm manure is widely available, abundant in quantity and easy to be used locally. Many farmers will choose to apply it in topdressing.


Farmer manure not only has comprehensive nutrient characteristics but also has the advantage of stable fertilizer efficiency. It can effectively promote the formation of soil aggregate structure and make the soil relaxed, water-holding, heat preservation, air permeability, and fertilizer-preserving ability strong.


However, because of the different types of farm manure, there are also different skills and taboos.


Farmhouse Fertilizer Used as Base Fertilizer

- Does not require the involvement of a solid liquid separator


Composting: Fertilizer made from the backlog of weeds and garbage.

Advantage: It can be used according to local conditions. In application, it is best to combine spring and autumn tillage as base fertilizer.

Green manure can be used as a base fertilizer as well as compost. When used as a base fertilizer or top dressing for legumes, it can also use the nitrogen fixation of Rhizobium to increase soil fertility.


Farmhouse manure for topdressing

- Need solid-liquid separator


Poultry manure is a common organic fertilizer with high nutrient content, which can be used as seed fertilizer and topdressing fertilizer for vegetables.

Among them, pig manure as a typical poultry fertilizer is rich in organic matter, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other fertilizers, which is suitable for all kinds of soil, and has better topdressing effect in thermal soil with good drainage.

Of course, if you want to make good use of these farm manure fertilizers, you need to first have a high-quality manure separator.


Hot and cold farm manure

- Need solid-liquid separator


Farmer manure can also be divided into hot and cold fertilizers because of its different sources. There are also different considerations in the application.


Common thermophilic fertilizers are sheep manure and horse manure.


1. Sheep manure as a thermal fertilizer is suitable for mixed application with pig manure and needs to be applied in benign soil and sloping land.

2. The high content of nitrogen, organic matter, and cellulose in horse manure contains high-temperature cellulose decomposing bacteria, which ferment quickly and heat is high in accumulation. It is suitable for wet and sticky soil, shady slope land or heavily compacted soil.

3. As a typical cool fertilizer, cow manure has low nutrient content. Drying cattle dung, mixing with grass ash or horse dung for accumulation, can accelerate the decomposition of cattle dung and improve fertilizer efficiency, but in the application, it is best to use it in combination with thermal fertilizer or in Sandy and sunny slopes.


In the use of farm manure, we should bear in mind that as a typical organic fertilizer, farm manure has many kinds of organic nutrients, but its content is low.

That is to say, farm manure is not omnipotent. In the application, the decomposition speed is slower, the fertilizer plays a relatively slow role, and the nutrients are incomplete. In the application, all the chemical fertilizers should be applied together to meet the needs of crops for nutrients.

At the same time, farm manure, such as chicken manure, also needs to be fermented and decomposed before it can be applied, so as to avoid the use of pathogens, eggs, weed seeds, pathogenic microorganisms carried in farm manure when it is not fermented, which not only endangers the growth of crops.

It will also cause the direct contamination of crops and secondary contamination in soils. Moreover, it will cause seedling burning and ammonia release due to high temperature in farmland fermentation, which will affect the normal production of crops. Therefore, when applying manure organic fertilizer, it must be fully ripe. The decomposed farm manure should avoid mixing with alkaline fertilizer and nitrate nitrogen fertilizer.


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