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Farm manure fertilizer processing steps

Dec. 18, 2018


After farm manure is treated by manure separation, we can get high-quality crop fertilizer. But the treated feces are only semi-finished products and need to be treated in other ways.

In this article, I will tell you in detail about this knowledge (after the manure separation process steps)


Nowadays, there are a lot of people doing farming. There will be various kinds of livestock dung. After proper treatment(by manure separator), they can become good fertilizers.

Nutrition is rich and natural. Good for the land, we should pay attention to the complete fermentation.


Introduction of Farmhouse Fertilizer

- Farm excrement treated by manure separator


Now there are many introductions about farm manure. If we use farm manure, we can not only provide more complete nutrition for crops but also do not harm the land.

About the farm manure, many people will think of more traditional animal manure. Now there are many people in the breeding industry. The amount of animal manure is relatively large, and there are many kinds, such as pig manure, chicken manure, cow manure and so on.


However, there is a trouble in the use of this, that is, it can only be used after decomposition treatment, otherwise it is easy to burn seedlings, but also easy to infect pests. Today, I would like to talk with you briefly about how to deal with livestock manure and make the fertilizer.


How to deal with the excrement treated by manure separator


1. Preparation materials


There are many kinds of animal manure, among which the nutrient content is also different, and some are cool, some are hot, according to the different soil, as well as different crop varieties, different choices can be made.


In addition to excrement, there is also a need to add some crop straw or straw in it, the proportion is about three to one, which should be cut up in advance, about five centimeters.


If we put some more fermentation bacteria in, then we can save more time. Fifty grams of fermentation bacteria were used to treat 1000 kg of farm hypertrophy.


2. Stacking


Then stack these things together and stir them up. It's about 60% moisture. Try to raise the pile as high as possible so that the temperature inside can be maintained. If the weather is colder, some straw should be added to the pile so that it can ferment better.


Make sure there is no big dung in it. If it's too dry, add some water in moderation. If it's too thin, air it first and keep the proper moisture. The temperature inside will rise above 55 degrees, and then the heap can be turned over in a period of time.


In this way, so as not to ferment the feces outside. After treatment, the compost should have no distinct odor and its color is yellowish brown.


3. Use


If it is used in the greenhouse, it can be sprinkled into the soil and flowed together with the land, and then the greenhouse closed for three or five days.


At this time, the temperature in the greenhouse can reach about 60 degrees, which can kill the bacteria very well, so as to avoid the problem of contaminating crops.


Otherwise, you can throw this down first, spray some medicine, and then turn over the ground.


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