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Family farm and manure management

Dec. 17, 2018

Article topic: Family farm and manure management - Manure Separator


Family farms are more common in China, although scale farming is a trend, it takes time to accumulate.

There is a problem that livestock manure is difficult to centralize, and farmers don't take this seriously either.

With the increasing emphasis on environmental protection in recent years, the treatment of farm manure pollution has increased.


Recent developments


After communicating with some customers, I learned that many rural family farms were forcibly removed. Many farmers have to buy manure separator to solve farm problems.

My point is to actively cooperate with national policies. Environmental issues are the biggest challenges we face today. Money is never important for physical health.


In winter, there is less farming work in the fields of all the peasant friends. The indispensable topic of leisure is the discussion of rural environmental protection. In the past two years, farmers have made many sacrifices to protect the environment.


Why demolish some family farms?


Because of environmental requirements. Many small farms in rural areas do not have a complete manure management system, with the passage of time, the untreatable excrement has become the pioneer of environmental pollution.

In order to protect the environment, scattered farming has been banned in many places and many farmhouses have been demolished, but this is only a temporary measure.


Hazard to the soil


Since we have been gaining benefits from the land, years of high-intensity planting and the irregular use of fertilizers have seriously damaged the land carrying capacity of some rural areas, the imbalance of land nutrition and easy hardening.

The best way is to use bio-fertilizer, which is to use farmyard manure. Pigs and chickens are now banned. Naturally, there is no source of farmyard manure, and only fertilizer can be used. Not only is the fertility of the land further destroyed, but the cost of agriculture in the countryside has also increased.


Why not choose a manure separator to solve this problem?


- Price?

- Is it difficult to use?


Family farms do not require large solid-liquid separators . A small manure separator can meet all requirements (such as ZHEHAN 180 MANURE SEPARATOR).

The cost of this separator is not high, and the economic benefits it gives you can make you recover the cost in a short time.


On the use side, some farmers are concerned about the installation, use, and maintenance of the manure separator.

In this respect, manufacturers can provide relevant videos, ZHEHAN provides customers with all aspects of installation and uses guidance.


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