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Soil damage caused by farm manure - Manure separator

Dec. 15, 2018

We all know the harm of farm manure to the soil, but you may not imagine the severity of its hazard.


The content of this article


- Farm manure damage to the soil

- Use a manure separator to solve this problem


Maybe some farmers think that the manure separator (solid liquid separator) is not very important for the farm. You may change your opinion after reading this article.


Farm manure damage to the soil


In Chinese culture, what we get from nature will eventually be returned. Maybe my English level needs to be improved. I can't translate this idea well.

This is a natural cycle, like farms, cattle, sheep or poultry, they get food from nature. Gained the energy to sustain life, their feces can be used as a nutrient for nature, giving back the gift of nature. But now the cycle of nature has been destroyed.


According to a report issued by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), livestock manure is the second largest source of soil pollution.


Although farm manure is of great benefit to agriculture, it contains more and more heavy metals, pathogens and veterinary antibiotic residues. This may lead to the proliferation of antimicrobial-resistant bacteria in soil.


Comprehensive Research Report


1964 - 2016  

Fecal production increased by 66%, From 73 million tons to 124 million tons.

The amount of manure applied to soil increased from 18 million tons to 28 million tons.

The number of feces left by pasture increased from 48 million tons to 86 million tons.

Atmospheric deposition is the main source, and livestock manure and sewage sludge are identified as important sources of pollution.


Antibiotic resistance in soil


Because of antibiotics, fungicides and other drugs are consumed by humans every day, livestock is widely used to promote growth and prevent disease, so the risk of residues passing to excreta is enormous.


Everyone knows that drugs are harmful, but most people don't understand that drugs are more harmful than the original compounds after being removed from the animal's metabolism.

Most drugs are not metabolized and excreted in feces or urine. This means that drugs are constantly released into municipal wastewater and animal manure.


Crops are exposed to antibiotics that may persist for days to hundreds of days when manure and sewage sludge are used as fertilizers in farmland or when treated wastewater is used for agricultural irrigation.


Solution - Manure Separation


Antibiotic-resistant infections may be the leading cause of death in the world by 2050.


Maybe you have only one small farm, and you don't have to consider the effects of feces on the soil or pollution.


But we can count the accounts.


A high-quality manure separator is priced at around USD2000, this is a very small expense. A ZHEHAN brand manure separator , you don't have to think about how long you can use it. Because its fuselage won't be damaged, it only needs to replace the drum screen after many years of use.


What will you get?


- The farm had no bad smell

- The incidence of the disease has been greatly reduced

- Economic Benefits of Fecal Treatment


So why not choose a separator ?


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