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Manure treatment in different countries

Dec. 18, 2018

Making the most of farm manure is the theme of ecological farms, manure dewatering machine (manure separator ) is an important tool to achieve it.


With the construction of large-scale pig farms, a large number of pig manure and sewage have not been thoroughly and effectively treated, thus polluting the surrounding environment.

Some of the pollutions has reached below 40 meters of groundwater.


In the form of "northern pig farming(China)", the construction of large-scale pig farms must be based on environmental protection.


Environmental impact of pig farm sewage (Not processed by manure dewatering machine)


Water pollution

Pig manure and urine contain a lot of organic substances such as nitrogen and phosphorus and microbial pathogens. Discharge flows into rivers, polluting the water quality and endangering the ecological environment.


Air pollution

The main harmful gases produced by pig farms are carbon dioxide, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, fecal odor and so on. Pollution of the atmosphere, reduce the air oxygen content and air quality.


Soil pollution

The feed that is not digested and digested by the pig is excreted with excrement and urine, and the excrement contains a large amount of phosphorus, zinc, copper and other trace elements. Trace elements enrich in the soil, change the soil composition, resulting in crop yield reduction.



Pig feces contain a large number of pathogenic bacteria and parasites. Under suitable conditions, they will become the source of infectious diseases.


Next is the main content of this article.


How do countries continue to process farm manure after it has been treated by manure dewatering machine?


1. China (The world's largest pig farming country)


Most pig farms choose to build treatment tanks, biogas tanks, etc. and take harmless treatment of pig manure and urine. Some large-scale pig farms use blister-type manure treatment methods to solve environmental pollution problems.


2. United States (the second largest pig farming country in the world)


The collected pig manure was treated by collection, storage, and treatment (by manure dewatering machine) technology to be used as fertilizer for different crops, and returned to the field to form a forage-fertilizer cycle system. In order to ensure the nutrient content of nitrogen and phosphorus in pig manure, the United States chose bubble waste disposal mode to discharge pig manure into farmland.


3. Germany (the third largest pig farming country in the world)


Pig manure is discharged from the floor drain and then transported to the septic tank. After treatment(by manure separator), it is mainly used as fertilizer and biomass energy to generate electricity, generating 546 kilowatts.

By improving feed nutrition formula, Germany has reduced the nitrogen and phosphorus contents in feed and reduced the environmental impact of trace elements in pig feed.


4. France


Most pig farms use blister dung technology to separate dry and wet pig manure directly (by solid-liquid separator). Most of them are made of organic fertilizer, and a few are used for power generation.

Like Germany, France reduces feed and nitrogen and phosphorus content by reducing feed ingredients and reduces environmental pollution from pig manure.


5. Denmark


In Denmark, pig farm waste is fermented and returned to the field.

There are strict requirements, and if the emissions are not in accordance with the standards, farmers will be severely punished by the law or even the pig farms will be closed down. The Danish pig industry has not brought*pollution*to the environment.


6. Netherlands


Pig farms in the Netherlands are very small. Dutch law stipulates the number of livestock per hectare of farms, which exceeds the limit, and farms pay dung fees.

Pig farms will separate solid wastes from pig manure(by manure dewatering machine), store solid parts in compost, and use the liquid as fertilizer directly to nearby farms.


7. Japan


Most farms in Japan do not have enough farmland nearby, so pig manure is not used as fertilizer.

Some farms will burn waste after special treatment, or pig waste to the sewage treatment plant.


Most countries use laws to limit the number of pig farms raised, not to expand the breeding, but to raise them within the acceptable range of land and environment.

Most pig farms in foreign countries use treated pig manure as a fertilizer or as an energy source.


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