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Poultry Manure Drying Machine

Dec. 14, 2018

Reasons for writing this article


Manure disposal has always been a difficult problem in poultry farms, poultry manure drying machine (manure separator) is the best solution.


After treatment by the poultry manure drying machine, poultry manure becomes a fertilizer for crops.

But some people responded that the use of these fertilizers resulted in a reduction in production.


This article tells you how to use the treated manure.


How to use the treated manure


People who have lived in the countryside, We all know that the manure of poultry and livestock is the best organic fertilizer after maturation. That is the most favorite fertilizer for crops. How should this manure be treated to "feed" crops?


For the organic manure of poultry manure made by farms, it is better not to use the traditional compost fermentation and decomposition method to produce the organic manure of poultry manure.

The way of compost fermentation and decomposition to produce organic fertilizer cannot make the fertilizer efficiency play a full and vivid role. Poultry manure is poured into the biogas digester and sprinkled with lime powder and phosphorus powder. It can be fermented and decomposed into liquid. The fertilizer efficiency can be improved by spraying an appropriate amount of water.


The second method


First, the pig, cattle, sheep and other feces are concentrated to the processing site.

Prepare some soil of better quality, 80% of the proportion of feces and 20% of soil, then mix the two together, it must be even.

In the final process, they are piled up in large piles, covered with plastic cloth and fermented, which makes our soil treatment process simple and practical. It can also achieve the best fertilization effect.


The working principle of poultry manure drying machine


- Inhaling animal manure into the separator by the pump

- Push forward through the screw blade 

- During the propulsion process, the water flows out of the drum screen. and when it is pushed to the tail of the machine, there is a squeeze, which will squeeze out the water to achieve the purpose of dehydration.


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