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Livestock farms are losing their friends - Dung beetle

Dec. 15, 2018

Not every farm buys manure separator equipment  to deal with farm manure. Because they have free labor - Dung beetle.

But the free labor force seems to be in trouble.


Here is an interesting news:


In a foreign farm, the farmer found a more serious situation, he feels very anxious.

You may guess that his cattle and sheep have been stolen or infected. The answer will surprise you.


The farm’s feces are getting more and more, which makes him very bored and confused. This is very unsanitary and seriously affects the healthy growth of cattle and sheep.

But in the past, there will be no such situation. There are a large number of dung beetle to clean and clean up free of charge. Is it a dung beetle strike?


The farmer is very worried about this situation, although the shape of the clamshell is not good, the clamshell will roll the feces into a ball and clean up its feces. This is because the dung beetle mainly feeds on animal excrement, is a dung-eating insect, has the title of "natural scavenger"!


Farmers asked health workers to understand the situation after the Health Bureau staff on-the-spot investigation found that dung beetle poisoning!


Are you kidding me? Was the dung beetle poisoned?


The farmer’s reaction is the same as mine, and he can’t understand the result of this test.


What is the poison in the dung beetle?


The scientific staff explained that there are a large number of anti-parasitic drugs in the feces of cattle and sheep that have not been absorbed by cattle and sheep.

When the dung beetle eats the dung, its reproductive capacity, mobility, and sense of direction will be destroyed.

I think the damage to reproductive capacity is fatal. You make it lose the ability to have children. Why does it help you with your excrement?


My solution


I felt deeply after reading the news.

I have been paying attention to food safety issues, unexpectedly, even the dung beetle has to worry about this problem.

From the farmer's point of view, the problem is understandable, farms are risky, and a disease can destroy farmers. So some anti-disease drugs are necessary.


What if there were no dung beetles?


In addition to polluting the air, farm manure is also very harmful to animals, effective handling of these manures is a problem every farmer must face.


My suggestion is to spend thousands of dollars on high-quality manure separator equipment to process them. The economic benefits of excrement disposal can also surprise you.


I will continue to update the relevant separator knowledge, hoping to help you.


If you have any questions, please leave a message for me. I will reply to you in time when I see it.




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